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MACOM Crystal Smooth leggings

MYA and MACOM are giving away a pair of Crystal Smooth leggings which claim to significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite; in fact 73% noticed a reduction*. So we decided to try for ourselves! Receiving…


5 Signs You’re a MYA Girl

1. Confidence You are beaming with confidence! Nothing gets you down and you are half way to becoming the Disney princess at the end of the movie because you’re that happy. 2. Selfies You upload…


Have they or haven’t they?

It can become really difficult to work out if a celebrity has had cosmetic surgery unless they’re Pamela Anderson or Katie Price where it’s a little more obvious, but what about a nose job? You…


What does your bra say about you?

The classic half-cup You’re down to earth and you stay out of drama. Some say you sit on the fence with a natural cleavage; you’re neither here nor there. The push up You like to…


The singleton survival guide

We all know its coming and we all dread February the 14th! If you’re in a relationship there is the stress of which card to get: the one that reads, “To the one I love”…


The Designer Vagina Craze

We all know and openly discuss procedures that are perceived as “normal” such as a breast enlargements or nose jobs. These procedures come up in conversation amongst friends and work colleagues on a daily basis….


Cosmetic surgery, the big debate

When the topic of cosmetic surgery comes up in conversation there will always be a split of opinion; this is often due to the stigma involved and the stereotypical cosmetic surgery patient. Many people misunderstand…


The parent and partner guide

So you have done all your research, told your family and friends that you want a procedure but they are not yet supportive and need some convincing. Don’t worry, you are not alone, this is…


Top tips for surgery in 2015

Christmas and New Years is now over and many of us are struggling with the fact that we ate and drank a little too much over the festive period. The winter blues has no doubt…