News Image While Botox works wonders on eliminating lines and wrinkles from the face, it also manages to cure aches and pains.

According to 1980s pop star and best friend of Simon Cowell Sinitta, just one injection of the muscle relaxant took away the agonising pain she had suffered in her frozen shoulder for two years.

The So Macho singer, 40, injured her shoulder shortly after she adopted children Magdalena and Zac, claiming that carrying them both around along with a heavy handbag caused the damage.

Despite taking anti-inflammatory tablets and strong painkillers, she was unable to banish the pain and finally resorted to Botox.

She told the Daily Mail: "It wasn’t painful and I felt instant relief – as if someone had poured warm water down my back … I’m hoping one session will be enough but if I need more I’d definitely go back."

This comes after the Telegraph recently speculated that former prime minister Tony Blair uses Botox to maintain his youthful looks.

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