News Image While breast surgery is a term usually associated with women, some men undergo procedures on this area of their anatomy too.

Writing for the Mirror, Miriam Stoppard noted that some males are self-conscious about their torsos because they have so-called ‘man boobs’.

They can be caused by a range of things, including excessive weight, too little exercise, genes and hormonal imbalances.

While some people can shift the fatty deposits themselves by working out and eating more healthily, this is not possible for everyone and some have to have breast surgery.

Ms Stoppard stated that the most common procedure to help deal with the problem is liposuction.

In such operations, a surgeon makes incisions and then fat and glandular tissue is removed via a tube.

Men may be even more keen than usual this year to get in shape and show off their bodies as meteorologists have predicted a particularly hot summer.