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Despite being happy with the aging process, actress and singer Charlene Tilton has conceded that it’s possible she may have cosmetic surgery in the future.

In an interview with the Mail Online (February 13th) the 52-year-old said:  “I’m fine with getting older. Even when I was 17 and started in Dallas, I always looked forward to a time when I could play older character parts.

“I wouldn’t totally rule it out. But I have a fear of doctors, so I would need to really want it done to go through with it.”

Ms Tilton is currently starring in the reality TV show Dancing on Ice and has admitted finding the training for the show hard.

“When I started my ice-skating training for this year’s series of Dancing On Ice, I’d be exhausted after 15 minutes.”

Dancing on Ice coach Karen Barber has spoken on numerous occasions about her decision to have a breast augmentation operation

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