News Image As Britain’s busts get bigger, support should be a priority when shopping for bras, experts advise.

New research conducted by and the British Chiropractic Association revealed that 83 per cent of women admit that the appearance of a bra is a key factor when purchasing one, while a mere one per cent consider how supportive a bra is to be an important variable.

Figures show that the average bra size measures a substantial 34DD, however, more than three quarters of women are found to be wearing the wrong bra size.

Tim Hutchful from the British Chiropractic Association warned: "It really is quite shocking how many women still place how a bra looks over how much support it gives.

"Bras are like suspension bridges, you need a well engineered bra so your shoulders don’t take all of the strain and end up doing all of the work, spreading the load is important. Bras that don’t fit will affect the shoulders and chest and will almost certainly cause back pain as you get older."

Shopping for the right bra can work wonders for your wardrobe, as proven on many reality make-over and fashion shows.ADNFCR-1234-ID-18891743-ADNFCR

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