News Image The rumour mill is in full swing with speculation actress Melissa Gilbert has been under the surgeon's knife.

According to an article on Make Me Heal, one plastic surgeon said the star appears to have had plastic surgery.

"Gilbert appears to have had fat grafting to cheeks and lips, possibly cheek implants. Maybe subtle nasal work", he was quoted as saying.

His comments were echoed by that of another surgeon, who claimed photographs of the Little House on the Prairie star indicate she has had numerous procedures, including Botox, facial fillers and possibly a nose job.

He also concluded the actress does not appear as though she has had too much plastic surgery, as she does not look "overdone".

If Gilbert did have plastic surgery, she may have had it to boost her confidence, as last week one doctor claimed such procedures are more than about vanity, as they can bolster self assurance and change people's lives.

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