News Image Speculation is mounting Hong Kong actress Lynn Hung has been under the surgeon's knife and had plastic surgery.

According to Channel News Asia, Chinese media claimed Hung denied reports she has had surgery when she appeared at a publicity event.

The model-turned-actress was repeatedly quizzed by journalists on whether she has undergone plastic surgery and even prompted them to touch her face so they can decide.

It follows the recent release of pictures showing Hung early on in her career and looking a "lot less attractive" than she does now.

"I am actually quite happy to see a photo of myself from back then, because it shows me that I have changed a lot and validates the hard work I put in," she told the news provider.

Hung allegedly stated women can make themselves look more attractive without resorting to plastic surgery.

A recent article on MSN Entertainment suggested the two members of Asian girl group By2 have had had nose jobs.

The duo denied they have had cosmetic surgery and observed their faces have changed as they are "growing up".