Kim Novak at a reception in Hollywood.

Kim Novak at a reception in Hollywood. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a Hollywood veteran, 79-year-old Kim Novak should be expected to look quite different to when she burst onto the silver screen in the films Pushover and Phffft back in 1954, but there are those that suggest cosmetic surgery may have had a hand in how the actress looks today.

Following a recent public appearance where Ms Novak took part in a hand and footprint ceremony at the 2012 TCM Classic Film Festival, whispers have circulated that the former sex siren has had cosmetic surgery work done on her face.

Speaking to (April 17th), US surgeon Dr Anthony Youn said the star is likely to have undergone a few different procedures over the years.

He speculated: “Her brows are elevated, almost excessively, likely due to a traditional browlift. Her eyelids are tight, without the puffiness of someone her age. ”

He went on to say the ageing star may have had “upper and lower eyelid lifts”, rhinoplasty and maybe even chin and cheek implants.

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