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In recent weeks, it seems to have been hard to avoid pics of glamour model Imogen Thomas looking stunning in a bikini, but the Welsh beauty has been surprised to find her body the subject of criticism.

Ms Thomas is clearly happy in her own skin and in the past few weeks if she’s not been tweeting photos of herself for the enjoyment of her many fans then she’s being papped bikini-clad and arm-in-arm in Thailand with new boyfriend Adam Horsley.

The model is famous for her curves and with her cosmetic surgery enhanced breasts and curvy hips has been a great hit in the world of the lad mags. Despite this and her inner confidence, Imogen spoke out on Twitter about some of the negative things she’s read about herself.

On March 19th she tweeted: “Just read some comments on my body.Ive never been a skinny girl so why do ppl have 2 say im fat? Seriously major issues with some of u! Jeez.”

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