Big Brother winner Josie Gibson has announced her intentions to have a Breast Enlargement this summer. Josie has been in the press a lot recently following her whopping 6 stone weight loss, and we think she looks great.

However in a recent interview she revealed that her weight loss has taken all the volume from her breasts, and therefore she plans to have a Breast Enlargement this summer. In the interview with New! Magazine Josie revealed her reasoning behind wanting the procedure:

“I used to love it when they’d bob up and down when I ran, but now they’re just saggy skin and they’re not even a handful. I don’t feel as womanly any more…”

The 28 year old blonde beauty said that a comment from her ex-fiancé that her boobs ‘looked like a Neanderthal’s’, was the final straw and led her to decide to have the Breast Enlargement. After meeting the surgeon Josie felt that she finally had the confidence to go ahead with her procedure.

Josie plans to go to a D cup and is booked in to have her surgery later this year.

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