ANAHEIM, CA - MAY 07:  Actress Lacey Schwimmer...

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Before starring in the latest series of Dancing With the Stars in the US, professional dancer Lacey Schwimmer appeared in Christina Aguilera’s video for Candyman and the second series of So You Think You Can Dance, and she looked quite different.

In addition to ditching her brunette locks in favour or bleach blonde tresses and picking up a tan since her move to LA, the star also picked up some larger breasts, if reports are to be believed.

A source told Us Weekly that the 23-year-old professional dancer had a boob job this summer to boost her bosom from a B cup up to a D before the recent series.

“Lacey’s told friends she got a boob job. She’d wanted one for a while so she went ahead and did it,” the source told the mag.

The article also said that the dancer – who has faced criticism over her shape in the past – is “happy” with the fact she has a more athletic build rather than a willowy model shape.

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