Following her announcement on the The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) website that she was considering having her PIP implants removed, fans have witnessed the show’s Lauren Pope make enquiries about having a new boob job.

Viewers of this week’s episode (February 8th) saw DJ and model Lauren head to the MYA clinic to make enquiries about having her implants removed and replaced.

Ms Pope was joined by friend Chloe Sims for the trip, which saw her attend a consultation with cosmetic surgeon Mario Russo.

As well as talking to Mario about her plans to have her current implants removed, Lauren spoke about her hopes to improve on her previous boob job with a new operation.

She explained: “The benefit of having them removed is that I can change what I currently don’t like about my first boob job.”

Ms Pope chose MYA for the consultation after she had work carried out at one of their clinics last June – when she had a nose job to remove the bump at the top of her nose.