More women to have cosmetic surgery?More women may choose to go under the surgeon's knife for cosmetic surgery, if the results of a new survey are anything to by.

According to the Big British Beauty Poll, on behalf of Olay, 34 per cent of females cited wrinkles as their biggest ageing concern, while 31 per cent they worry about a sagging jaw line.

One plastic surgeon told the Daily Mail he is surprised about how much concern women have for their jaw lines.

"The eye area ages the earliest and draws the most attention, yet women are increasingly influenced by the angular look of fashion icons and celebrities," he added.

And the medic also noted the trend for strong jaw lines has started a new trend of mini lifts for the jowls and neck.

Earlier this month, one plastic surgeon claimed cosmetic surgery is about more than vanity, as it helps to restore confidence and can change people's lives.

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