The Only Way Is Essex reality star Chloe Sims has defended her use of cosmetic surgery after reading negative comments on the micro-blogging site Twitter, which criticised her for being ‘false’ over her fake breasts and facial plastic surgery.

The 29-year-old told Fabulous magazine: “By the end of the first TOWIE episode I was crying over people’s tweets.”

Despite these critical comments the mother of six-year-old Madison defended the amount of cosmetic surgery she has had and said she would consider having more.

She commented: “I’m the oldest member of the TOWIE cast – apart from Nanny Pat, of course! I’m almost 30 now, so I think if I want to have a bit of Botox then I will, and if I want to have some liposuction done in a year’s time then that’s fine, too.

“I’m going to carry on having work done until I’m completely happy with my body because I think you should love the way you look.”

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