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    also ive heard he only does under the muslce ones which i REALLY don’t want…is this true? (im wanting to go from a B to a DD)

    michelle x

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    has anybody had breast enlargement done by him…and how was it. Is he a good surgeon…did you get good results etc.


    michelle x

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    hiya Michelle

    Im having my op with him in the morning (nervous as hell) Me and my mum both really liked him in every way made us feel really comfy and he really listened to results i want. He has done 3 of my friends think one was over, and rest like me partially under!

    I will let you know how i get on when im not to high on painkillers to type.

    Im going from a B to a DD/E thats with 410 implants

    Cant believe im having it done tomorrow

    x x x

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    Lucky you nickynoo! You must be so excited to have new boobies tomorrow! Good luck with everything and try not to go too insane with bra/bikini shopping like I know I will when I get mine’s done! :cool:

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    oh wowww nickynoo im so jealous i want mine now lol!!
    i now have a consultation with dr kazazzi instead but let me know how everything goes still…wooo its so exciting lol! x x

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    Hi michelle.. I’m also having my B.A with him on June 16th! My Friend had hers done with him last week and is EXTREMLY happy with the results..hope this is helpful to you.

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    Hi, Im booked with Dr Traynor on 4th Aug and hes advised on 380cc overs! Hope this helps :)

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    I’m booked in with Mr Traynor on 18th August, I’m having 260cc low profiles – so excited!!!!

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    Mr Traynor did my op on 1st of july. He was a really lovely surgeon to have. I had 340cc unders and so far so good! I was a 32a, I put a bra on just to try the size yesterday (as he will prob tell u cant wear one at all for 6 weeks) and i fit a 34dd, so i think i will settle to a 32c/32d, which is excatly what i asked for! Good luck!xx

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    I am having my surgeon with him on 19th August having 340cc under. Bec86 your story of what happens what very useful I was worried until I read it Thanks.

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    i had my surgery with mr traynor on the 19th may. i had 380cc, i have gone from a vey deflated 32dd to a full 32f. mr traynor is a lovely man and puts you at ease, and really listens to what you want. all i recommend is that you use ice packs at home for the first week it will reduce your swelling and reduce the amount of pain killers you will need. i was back at work after 4 days and i had minimal amounts of pain killers. my scars are tiny and have healed really well. good luck to all you girls having new boobies, it will change your life

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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