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    does anyone if i’m ok to fly after having a breast enlargement operation?

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    I had a breast enlargement and I was off to Ibizia and he said that I could fly short haul after two weeks but that he would prefer that I stayed in the Country fo 6 weeks so I could have my post-op checks. Check with your surgeon first though before you book your tickets…

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    you shouldnt really fly like ssmith said you prob should give it a good few weeks before flying apparently you risk DVT, but also my surgeon said you should wait till you are healed before you go on holiday as you cant go in the pool/sea with stitches, and you cant put your scars in the sun for approx 12 months or it can make your scars red!!

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    12 month no sun to area really thought was 3 months


    I had mine done in Sep 08 and I recently went to the Maldives.
    It was a 9/10 hour flight and on the return flight I found my chest feeling quite alot of pressure.
    It worried me a little but I think if you are going on a short haul flight you should be ok.

    I dont think I would ever go on a long flight for ages after that, not worth the risk now I have them :-)

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    My friend went abroad to have her op, she flew home the next day, and was completely fine! She said it was just a little uncomfortable!

    Wendy xxx

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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