Just had them done! 255cc anatomicals ! absolutely amazing! pictures coming soon Started by: george85

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    I totally cried afterwards and chatted a load of shit to the nurse lol

    at first looked small but 2 hours later they are huge look a D so should shrink to a full C SO happy

    Teardrop natrelle way to go ladies look natural already no lines on top AMAZING

    Mr Adamo is a legend.

    will post my story and pictures asap. – anyone want advice personal message me xxx


    Hi George. I’m gonna

    Send you a FR hope you don’t mind, I’m seeing dr adamo end of this month! X


    hi george iv added you 2 x x

    Profile photo of summer7summer7

    and me congrats 😆


    hiya george…. iv sent u FR aswell. Hope ur healing well xx



    I am healing fine, back on the computer working the girls are keeping me toasty as a bit warm- not needing to wear a bra as Adamo suggest not to and they feel great- bit stiff first thing in the morning but after drugs kick in am totally fine. :)

    no problems will post more pics as they look loads better today!

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