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    Booked in to the Leeds clinic to discuss non surgical treatments,I was sent directions,via post they arrived the day before travelling I was really pleased about this as I would have had no Idea where I was going. The clinic was easy to find,appointment 7 pm,arrived around 6.45,what a lovely warm welcome I received,the clinic was very modern,decorated to a very high standard,again just what you would expect from a MYA clinic,it reminded me of the London Holborn clinic,only a smaller version. I met the wonderful,amazing, fantastic,Kasia Brennan,we discussed the non surgical treatments that would improve the look and shape of my face,completed a medical questionnaire,we discussed at length the results that can be achieved from non surgical treatments obviously tailoring the service to me as an individual,also any risks that could occur.

    I felt very excited and confident to go ahead with some treatments immediately.

    I had Botox in my frown line and at the sides of my eyes to soften the lines,this will take time to show the end result,and may need a top up as I did have quite deep lines,Fillers in the nasal folds and a little in the lines around my mouth,I was numbed before the procedure and I can say honestly I did not feel a single needle,I did feel like a small pressing sensation and when the needle went in it just felt like you had plucked out a hair,no discomfort whatsoever,then the lips,this did sting a little,even though the area had been numbed,but well worth the result,I have a pout,I really did’nt expect to see immediate results,but omg what a huge difference when I looked in the mirror,unbelievable results. This Lady is an absolute genius, Mya where do you find all these talented people. My treatment lasted around 90 mins,I was given clear instructions on how to care for my face post treatment,my friend came along with me to the appointment for support,she could not believe the transformation when I came out of the clinic,she just kept staring at me and telling me how good I looked,I have a little bruise inside my bottom lip,but that’s it,woke up this morning feeling fabulous,if anyone is considering non surgicals do not put off until tomorrow,what you can do today, Kasia Brennon is so very talented,very experienced,very warm and friendly,within seconds of been in the room with her she made me feel like family,she will give you a beautiful face.

    Kasia works between the Leeds and Manchester clinics,looking in the mirror now,seeing the results she has given me,in such a short space of time,I can honestly say I would have travelled to London to see this lady,walked if I had to,an absolute Diamond. Having said that she did come highly recommended by Mario Russo,and he is a perfectionist.

    Would just like to say THANKYOU to lovely Claire on reception for looking after me you are doing a fantastic job honey,its official. THANKYOU to Leah who was so lovely,completing my forms I could’nt see without my glasses, and for staying with me during the whole procedure,anyone having this young lady as their PC will very lucky.

    THANKYOU to Kasia for making such a difference to the way I look.THANKYOU Mario Russo for recommending Kasia,and a MASSIVE MASSIVE THANKYOU to MYA,for another AMAZING experience.

    Sorry for the essay I am just so happy I could burst, I want to shout out to the whole world how good I feel.If anyone has any questions at all please feel free to message

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    WOW that sounds amazing. I have always been interested in botox in the area between my eyebrows, I have such a bad frown but too scared. As you do hear some horror stories. So I’m glad to read something so postitive.

    Thank you Tina

    Sharron x

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    sharron it is really was amazing,I keep looking at myself thinking omg,my skin just looks plump and lovely,and so not 53 years old,it looks so natural too,I think that was one of my concerns the frozen look especially around the eyes,rabbit in the headlights so to speak,but Kasia discussed everything in fine detail,I learned so much about the contours of my face too,she really is amazing,I am so happy with the results

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    That’s really good , As long as your happy that’s the main thing x x enjoy x

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    Well done tina. Glad you had a good experience. It must have been daunting for you. Xx

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    Thanks everyone,to be honest I was really excited,just keen to see the difference it made.My lips are quite sore and bruised but that’s to be expected,but a nice shape and

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    Glad you went for it Tina, I love my face when I have it done. x

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    Does anyone who has had lip fillers know how long they will stay swollen,I woke this morning looking like a rubber

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