newbie here! 34aa, 5'6, 8 stone, what size implants??????

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    hi girls, i reeeeaally want a breast enlargement but im soo scared of getting the size wrong! im a very slim size 8 with tiny 34aa breasts. I want to be a nice naatural full C .. Do i go under, over, high, low??? and which surgeons specialise in the natural look? i have done alot of research but it be great to hear from you laadies that have actually got first hand advice and experience! xxx

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    I’ll add you, iv just had 380ccs (unders, High profiles) from a 32 A not sure what size il be yet tho probably a C or a D. xx

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    Hiya. If you book a consultation with a surgen they will tell you what size implant will suit you best n wont make thm luk fake, n will also decide weather r nt t put them over are under the muscle!!! If you tell them the cup size you want to b and that you want a natural look thts exactly what they will do if they cn fit tht size implant in tht wud take you up to a full c. I went to see mario russo yesturday n he gave me 3 sizes to pick from, lukily 1 ov thm woz a 525cc implant cz thats the size i wanted lol x

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    Heya I have similar stats to you.. I went to see Mario Russo yesterday and he said I could have 460cc which would mean I’d end up with DD. He said I would be going under the muscle. He also offered me 410 which would be a big C/D so maybe that size might be what you’re after! x


    thanks for the info girls! oo wow this Mario Russo seems popular! is he good at natural looks? @zaracruddas thanks im going to book a consultation soon and hopefully ill get a choice of three!! lol @ a-marie4 thats helped alot hun..hope u dont mind if i add u laadies :) xx

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    yes ofcourse add away :) by what Ive seen he does just what you ask for. If you ask for natural, thats what you’ll get! xx

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    Hey hun, we have the same stats (I’m 5’8″, 8 stone, was a 34aa) I wanted to be a full C so had 340 unders, I’m only

    3 weeks PO so they need to settle and become more Natural yet but so far I’m so pleased with the size.

    Feel free to add me to see pics x


    thanks a-marie..oh n il bear that in mind :) @ cantwait wow im so happy theres girls out there that have the same stats as me, id love to see ur pix hun thanks! what surgeon did you go with?? xx

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    Have accepted hun x I had mr kazazzi, he specialises in the natural look x

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    i had 380’s from a 32a, im now a 30ff/32f, but look a c :( with Russo feel free to add me

    without having a consultation, asking us girlies for advice on a size isnt the best option, because you could really like a size, and not be offered it, and this can upset and confuse. girls on here have a range from 200-1500cc’s, some have the biggest implants from small boobs, others have smaller implants because they want to have a smaller natural option, others have an uplift with small implants, we are all so different, yet the same as well. we can and will always help and advise, but book in a see someone and then debate over the sizes you are given (iv seen people being told 525 will make then a d, when i was told 300/340/380’s would do the same, as everyone is different although we may have the same stats, someones chest wall could stick out more, or something, and we dont know until its pointed out) xx

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    I agree with Joannabella we are all differnt 2 girls may have same size implant from similar stats but result will prob be different on each girl, its best to ask your surgeon, I had 380cc from a 32b I’m only 3wk post op but Mr k told me id look a D to DD. Good luck hun xx

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    Hi girls.Becky I have similar stats to you too so I hope some of you lovelies don’t mind me adding you to have a peek at your pics?? :) xxx

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    Your stats are exact same as me except im 30AA… im having 340s in july hun feel free to add me xx


    thanks for all ur replies girls @ joannabella ye your’re rigjt..i just need to book my consultation and go from there..i just wanted to get an idea of what size implants girls with my stats are going for..but i guess ill never really know whats going to be best for me and my body type until i take that first step..thanks for your help im adding you now xx @jrlbabes4eva i want my boob job in july..but i havnt even had a consultation there a long waiting period before you actually get it done? (adding you nw hun) xxx


    @beckie90 im hearing alot about dr Kazzazi..he sounds really good..are you happy with his work hun? hope u dont mind me adding you x

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