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    Hya girls lovIng my new boobies but boy is it one big effort to sit up fully out of bed on a morning…..did anyone take there mess during the. Night as take my last one at 1 then wake up in pain at 8! Ouch all will b worth it end tho I hope :) xxx

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    haha i just read this after shouting my mum to help pull me out off bed!! its a nightmare isnt it i keep getting stuck and cant get myself back up. iv been taking my painkillers once in the morning and once at night and been fine, but i guess everyones different , it will all be worth it hun xxx


    I found once I got out of bed I felt so much better, there is something about having to lay down and rest that makes you feel worse, once you get up and try to move about a bit it definitely helps

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    I took my painkillers throught the night, seemed to help that I’d had some before trying to get out of bed. I agree though – not nice! x


    i was excatly the same and still struggle a bit now to sit up. im 2 weeks post op and i promise it gets easier xx


    i was excatly the same and still struggle a bit now to sit up. im 2 weeks post op and i promise it gets easier xx

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    Awwww just read this smiling as i was the same my bf had to put his arm under the top of my back and push me up as that was the least painfull way and even that hurt. I was always getting stuck, Im nearly 8 weeks post op now and feel fine. It will all be worth it and it wont last forever.

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    i dont think i stopped taking pain killers for about 2 weeks lol !!! as 4 getting in and out of bed! forget that i was on the sofa sat up for at least 2 weeks !!! but does get easier in time xxxx

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    Totally agree with the getting out of bed thing , my boyfriend does the same amyb4 , pushes me from the top of back to get up lol , other than that the pain is surprisingly not that bad. (up to now lol) ;)

    Dee Xx

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    haha thats what my mum and boyfriend are doing to pushing me up from the back , best way i think. defo worth it tho !! so excited for them to drop and to see them properly!! xx


    I’ve had such a lazy day today girls 4 days po I’ve slept loads too :s only been up about 5 times! I’m defo sorer but think I needed it as haven’t slept properly since op awkward question but was anyone constipated I look like I’ve had stomach implants haven’t been for 4 days took a laxative hasn’t even made me pass wind yet nurse going to ring me tomo I feel do fat ha but loving the boobx even tho breast bands annoying! Hope everyone’s healing well and pre op girlies good luck u have t got anything to worry about I was petrified but so glad I did it can’t wait to go bikini shopping when my boobs heal thanks to Mario Russo he’s a god xxxx


    “The Bum Shuffle” -

    Step 1: bring knees up to chest while lying flat

    Step 2: Huge knees, interlocking hands tightly

    Step 3: Rock yourself forward and back as many times as it takes to get you in a seated position

    Step 4: Now SHUFFLE… shuffle shuffle toward the edge of bed

    Step 5: TA-DAH! You are standing up

    Now you gotta watch out for the shooting pains as the blood returns to the rest of your body argh :/

    Good luck x

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    Is this because of the pain or so you arent straining you boobs. Am 10days post op. and just doin Everythink as normal but a think am doin to much??? Hope I am healing ok x

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    Hey girls, I’m having overs and my bf can only take 2days off work to help me – do you think I’ll be able to get up myself on day 3?? Or will I still be needing alot if help. Thanks in advance xxx

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    I could do Everythink apart from lift anything heavy. I stopped taking painkillers on day 5 a think every1s different tho you should be fine x

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