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    I completley know how you feel, im also going through the newcastle clinic and had loads of problems with them to start off with, was told different prices and then offered discount and then told i couldnt have it. I can totaly sympatise with you as we are spending alot of money and you expect the very best of care. When do you have your ba? Also i do feel like my pc doesnt realy care and that im just a number realy. I got all the info and support ive needed off this forum not off my pc. x x x x x x x

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    Hi Girls
    I know the Newcastle Clinic is closed on a Monday, so thats why you have had no response from them today!

    Whos your pc? I had Lisha. xx


    I had someone from Head office as Lisha was off. I’ve emailed Lisha saying im not happy at all and considering going elsewhere. Going to see what she comes back with. I should be booked in for 1 April in Manchester but to be honest I don’t even know if I am. I have no idea what is happening and considering I’m being cut open I’d expect a bit more consideration!


    ah princess i think you will change your mind when you meet lisha she is really nice, i had mine done on 7 jan and have had no aftercare issues, rang up once and was able to speak to nurse straight away got date for post op check no messing around, there were a few issues before my op but i am still more than happy with the service i recieved x x bet they call you back first thing this morning x x

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    see i have heard loads of bad things about transform so i think it all depends on who your pc is, this is the first time ive heard anything negative about the newcastle clinic and its only because the normal girl( lisha) has been having her op so they have had someone different there. My mate went with transform and one of her implants ruptured and they were so unhelpful she ended up having to get them sorted on the NHS.


    Hi Princess,

    I’ve had a fabulous experience with MYA so far – I’m with the Leeds office. I think if you feel that you’re being messed around you should write a letter/email of complaint to the Newcastle office manager – they’ve obviously got a problem with someone there and its in their best interest to know this.

    Hope things get sorted for you though and you can continue with a happy and stress FREE experience from now on!



    Well I’m pleased to say after my email they have redeemed themselves! Had 2 phone calls, have my appointment sorted and my date booked! Hurah! They did say that they are recruiting a new PC and an extra receptionist so probably just short staffed.

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    I have Lizzie @ Manchester and absolutly love her, she is amazing and been here for me through my journey so much



    ah thats good t hear, they just got a new surgeon recently so they probably are short staffed good luck for ye op x


    I’m starting to get a little stressed with MYA. I feel like I’ve been messed around as I’m not getting callbacks when I’m meant to and my surgeon date has been moved but I haven’t been told when to, then I get a letter saying its still the original date!

    I rang the clinic 4 times today and no one answered the phone and I left a message which no one returned.

    I’m starting to get a bit miffed considering I’m going to be spending

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