Very disappointed in MYA Terrible customer service I'm Gutted !!!! Started by: mummymakeover

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    I’m due to have a TT and a BA on the 1st of November Only 5 days until my surgery then I get a call today from Mya stating that they have only got me booked in for the TT and not the BA aswel. Even though I have emails from the Cardiff manager stating that I’m booked in for both surgeries and the price. To top it off they said that they have miss quoted me on the price of the surgery even though I have paid up front in full!

    I am tamping and am going to put a formal complaint in. I’ve booked unpaid time off work which I can not change I ve also paid for transport and the hotel for my husband.

    Has anyone else had any problems like this before? if so I would appreciate your experiences of dealing with them?

    Many thanks


    awww im so sorry to hear that! :( ring mya head office they are very helpful! xxx


    That is terrible! One, that they’ve messed up what procedure you’re having. But that they’re now quibbling over price even tho you’ve paid in full. You must have a receipt have you? Personally I think MYA are crap!!!! Ring your clinic manager and ask what the complaints procedure is Hun. You dont need this on top of the stress you must already be feeling. Good luck xx


    It was the head office that rung me hun. They said only now they picked up the mistake. They gave me the name and address of the complaints department although I will complain it’s not going to make things right. I was all worked up for the surgery. I feel really drained :-(


    So have they offered you an alternative date for the BA? Ireckon that you’re entitled to compensation!

    You have prob booked time off work, arranged childcare and built yourself up emotionally for this, you must be devastated.

    Don’t give-up, you must tell them you’re not having it x


    I’m so gutted have booked two weeks unpaid off work which I cant change because they’ve paid for cover, I’ve paid for travel up to London and back from Cardiff cause my husband has broken his leg and cant drive me, as well as the hotel is booked and paid for.

    Emotionally I’m a wreck got myself so worked up for the op told all my friends and family, its so unfair how can they make such a huge mistake? My coordinator is off on holidays and wont be back until after the surgery date and the girl thats taken over hasn’t got much of a clue about it.

    I’m supposed to be speaking with the managing director tomorrow, so I guess I’ll have to wait to see what she says about it all!


    Surely they can sort out doing both ops still even at the last minute, surgerys are used to running late so they’ll just have to overrun on the day, besides the time off and money spent you shouldn’t have to put your body through a recovery from an op just to have to go through it all again. Have you still got your initial quote from the PC? If you’ve paid what they quoted you I would think they would have to honour that. I really hope you get this sorted ASAP x

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    This is horrendous! I personally think MYA should reimburse you for time you’ve booked off work and the travel you’ve paid for etc as it is their mistake and you’ve got confirmation emails and receipts. If I was you I would then go elsewhere, if they can’t even book you in for right ops how can you be confident they’ll put the right implants in! You must be so stressed out, hope you get it sorted xx


    Its horrible to read these stories and over the last few days i seem to be reading more and more from people that are really unhappy with how MYA have treated them. If the moderator reads this forum as much as she should then i sincerely hope they are going to look in to all these complaints. Not only is it causing undue distress and costs to pre-op ladies like yourself, they are damaging any reputation and doesnt fill us post girls with much confidence when it comes to any possible problems that may arise.

    I do hope you get the right outcome x I would push to speak to someone higher. Are you far away from the clinics? Maybe a face to face visit would be better x


    Me too Hun, all the quotes were done though email and kept all them so thats one good thing I suppose. Only the surgeon is refusing to do the two together now, ( that’s not what she said at the consultation though ! ) and my PC has always said all along that she would be doing the two together, don’t know whats happened but I’m not a happy bunny!


    What surgeon did they book you with? That’s naughty that they refuse to do both cos they would have booked you with someone who could do both, so its not physically impossible!


    Marion Grobe she told me in the consultation that it would be no problem to do the both together and even aid that she would do some lipo the same time and my PC said that there would be no extra charge for the lipo cause I only needed a small amount. I was even told to purchase the surgical bra which i have so why would they tell me to do all that if she was never going to do it in the first place? it don’t make sense I’m so angry !


    I wonder if the surgeon is refusing because she won’t get paid from MYA? That’s the only thing I can think of, in theory there’s no logical reason why she can’t. I really feel for you, you shouldn’t have to be dealing with this 5 days before your op, it’s totally wrong. Are you speaking to someone tomorrow?


    Yeah hun the managing directer of Mya is supposed to call me. I was too upset today to ask all the questions i needed to. The manager of finance said that the two ops should have cost £10k and I’ve paid £5.3 k. It all seams a bit fishy to me. looks like someone got the price wrong now they suddenly want to cancel one of the ops! too much of a coincidence i think!


    Yeah that’s more like it, but that’s their fault, if the prices were put up and transparent then you’d know if you were being under or over charged. If they’ve taken this long to find their mistake then they should rectify it, the price you’ve paid is more than one op, they would lose more money from losing the op slot and the bad publicity, they should do the ops and sort it out after. Am sure you have a good case there for arguing the price, please let me know how you get on tomorrow, I really wish you all the luck x x

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