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    I am having a BA at Highgate in April and booked for an overnight stay but not sure whether it is worth all that extra money?

    Just wondering if anyone has had an overnight stay…was it worth it?

    Also anyone who’s had a daycase, were you more than comfortable to come home? Does anyone wish they had done an ON stay?

    It seems to be a lot more money to stay overnight but I was worried I’d need the assistance etc. But I guess any advice I need, I can ring my nurse right?

    Id really appreciate some advice girls!

    Thanks! x x x x x

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    Hi Jadem

    I was at Highgate on Tuesday for me BA with Mr Chantarasak. I was a day case. Admission time was 7am… Op was 9.30am… Back up to my room by 11am… Check ups every half hour or so by the nurse who took BP and Temperature… Mr C came in at 2pm and said I was fine, it went well etc and I left at 4pm. My boyfriend who’d been with me all day drove us home (an hour and a halfs drive) but I was so happy to just be at home and in my bed that night. Highgate hospital is lovely, very clean and you get fed and nurses on call BUT its still a hospital and theres always that element of it being clinical, which i dont like. I felt flustered as soon as I put my gown on lol x Hate being a patient!

    If you like your own surroundings and are in good health (lets assume you are fine and can come home) I would recommend a daycase.

    Looking back if i would have woken up the next morning in the hospital all stiff and achey like i did at home, the prospect of a 2 hour drive would have been the most uncomfortable thing in the world.

    Cos i was still completely numb and pain free from the General Anaesthetic the drive home that evening was absolutely fine. Even stopped for coffee at the services and I was able to carry my coffee to the car myself lol :-) x

    think it all depends on if you would like to have the peace of mind knowing theres a nurse there in case something is bothering you… altho you are given the 24 hour emergency number to call, should you have ANY questions.


    Also i think if you have unders then you are strongly advised to stay in because of the pain factor that is associated with them. I had overs so it was never an issue with me.

    Hope this helps you a little x

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    I had daycase and was fine and GLAD i went for a daycase coz if u stay overnight they check ur blood pressure every half hour through the night and u get NO sleep, (im told) whereas i got a good sleep in my own bed at home with no disturbances :)

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    I’m booked in for an overnight (I’m a hypochondriac at the best of times!). Also chose that option as I was told if I was a daycase I would still have to remain within a 20 mile radius of the hospital till the next day incase of any complications (ie pay to stay in a hotel nearby). Which is obviously not the case as lots of girls on here aren’t doing that. But I prefer to stay in overnight and be waited on hand and foot (!). It’s part of the experience for me.

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    Agreed with Lisam on this one :o) Just in case anything was to happen I would be in good hands and looked after. Just a personal preference to be honest, I think if I lived ‘local’ to clinic I would have gone home though.


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    I’m guessing here but it seems some girls are healing much quicker from having their drains in longer by staying overnight. Not getting the bruising or as much swelling.

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    What day are you in? I’m a day case on the 20th April! I wanted to go home and be normal rather than feeling like a patient, I’m sure they wouldn’t let you go home if you wernt okay to! X

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    Heyy I was a daycase but wasn’t well enough to come home so had to stay overnight free of charge! I’d go for day Case because you’ll save money and if you won’t be charged if you have to stay in over night xx

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    I was an overnighter at Highgate, as i live about 2 and half hour drive away. To be honest, i just felt safer staying the night, knowing that if there was a problem i would have somebody there. Had never had a GA before, so didn’t know what to expect. As it happens, everything was fine, so i guess the decision is yours and whatever you feel more comfortable doing x

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    I was an overnight case at Rochdale on 9th, i reacted really bad to the anastetic and couldnt keep any food down till the following day, the nurses kept giving me anti-sickness deugs. I felt more comfortable knowing i could just press a button and a nurse would be there, it was peice of mind for my family too. I had unders and still finding it uncomfortable and difficult sitting up 4 days post op. xx

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    i have opted for overnight and only live minutes from the hospital but i have two kids at home and think that i would not get to just sit and rest if i did go home, i broke my foot before xmas and was told to stay off it for at least a week, i managed about and an hour. so i am choosing to stay so i know ill get too rest….well at least for 24 hours!!

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    Thanks for all the advice ladies! Gives me loads to think about! I’m going to see what Mr Adamo has to say on Thursday. I have no idea what size implants i’ll be having yet, under or over etc. if im having unders i will definately stay overnight. plus i think i will be a hypochondriac if i go home! i probably need a nurse there to tell me to stop being silly!! hehe. i live a bit under an hours drive away so hopefully the stiff journey home next day shouldnt be to big a problem! i never realised about the drains helping with the swelling and brusiing. I think im definately swaying towards an overnight stay!

    I’ll keep you posted after my appointment thursday!

    Im ridiculously excited!!

    Thanks again everyone!

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    Hi Everyone…thanks for your posy Missmck! I’m in with with Dr C on the 5th April on a day case, so your post was fab for me! very excited now! xx

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    I had an overnight stay as i had unders and im so glad I did as i was totally out of it, completly spaced. I didnt get my blood pressure check every 30mins threw the night though but it was every 30mins before i went to sleep. Only got woken up for medication like once! :D xxxxx

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    Heyy i’ve had 2 ba’s first I stayed over night and 2nd time I had a day case..I think it’s much better to come home the same day!! Cos over night the anestetic wears off and it’s more painful is much better to go home the same day while your still numb :) x

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