Blepharoplasty (Eye Bag Removal) FAQs

Will it hurt?

You will be in some discomfort to begin with as it will feel tight but this can be controlled with medication supplied on the day of surgery.

When can I wear eye makeup?

Once you are healed which can differ for each patient but it is advised to wait up to 6weeks post op.

Can I have upper and lower eye bags removed at the same time?

Yes this is very common and can sometimes be recommended to patients by their surgeon so that the full eyes look overall rejuvenated and youthful and would prevent further surgery taking place in the future.

What types of stitches are used in blepharoplasty?

Depending on the surgeon, it can be either dissolvable stitches or non-dissolvable stitches. They are used along the lower lash line for lower blephs and in the natural crease of the eye lid for upper blephs. If you have non-dissolvable stitches, these will be removed between 5-7 days by your MYA nurse.

Will I need to wear anything over my eyes?

No, but dark sunglasses are recommend for the first week after blepharoplasty surgery. This will prevent you touching your eyes and protect from sun-rays and also discreet if you do not wish to discuss your procedure.

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