To support Breast Cancer Awareness month, we’ve created new videos to demonstrate how to conduct a self-examination on your breasts.

If you’ve had breast augmentation, it’s just as important to regularly check your breasts for any lumps, change of shape or colour, pain or nipple discharge.

To help guide you through this process, our expert clinic nurse Joanna discusses what symptoms to watch out for, and how to conduct a self-examination on your breasts.

How To: Breast Exam with Implants


We’re keen to raise awareness for everyone, not just those who have had breast implants, which is why we’ve also created a demonstration for women without breast implants and also men.

How To: Male Self-Breast Exam


How To Perform a Self-Breast Exam


Infographic: 8 Signs of Breast Cancer


If you think you are experiencing any of the outlined symptoms, or are at all unsure, please go and visit your doctor.


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