(and other cosmetic surgery procedures!)

Are you thinking of surgery?...but not sure which company to choose to provide you with the safest and happiest experience? Speaking from personal experience, when I decided to have cosmetic surgery to enhance my breasts, I wanted to get as much information as I could. I went to four different consultations with different companies, and it left me feeling overwhelmed and a little confused. Each provider of cosmetic surgery had different processes, different implants, aftercare and clinical styles.

In the end, MYA stood out to be the best. I now speak daily to people who are both pre- and post-cosmetic surgery patients, who ask “why MYA?”.

What set MYA apart from other companies offering cosmetic surgery?

Which company methods drew me in? And how did other competitors match their service? I spent a long time asking and finding out the answer to these questions, so keep reading and all will be explained…

1. 1000’s of Happy Patients

MYA was recommended to me from a friend, both herself and her mum had surgery through MYA. I searched through MYA’s Instagram page where I came across thousands of happy patients, their stories, their before and after photos and where there was regular, interactive communication with members of staff who ran the page and could provide people with helpful information in an informal way. There is often that anxiety of speaking to someone on the phone and asking what you think might be ‘silly’ questions. So, before I plunged in the deep end, I scoped their social media out, to find an initiative to empower patients and put them in the spotlight, celebrating them and supporting them. I could see for myself the 1000’s of happy patients that had also chosen MYA.

2. So many Clinics

The scope of MYA was immense and broad, nationwide clinics that provide the same level of care and quality across the board were available for consultations, or follow up appointments with the surgeons and nurses. This meant that patients had flexibility if they were on the go, had future plans to move location or travel. With clinics in Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Cardiff, Nottingham, Birmingham, London, Chelmsford and Bristol and three different private hospitals. All the clinics have the same air of efficiency, warmth and cleanliness, but without the stuffiness of a medical and clinical feel to them. You are treated as part of the MYA family and not as just a patient.


3. The most trusted Surgeons

Over a dozen surgeons who work as part of the MYA Cosmetic Surgery team. They have established themselves as some of the most experience, skilled and highly sought after in the industry. All MYA’s surgeons are accredited by the General Medical Council and their profiles can be viewed on their website.

4. The amazing MYA Forum

The online community has over 70,000 members. It is a supportive community inclusive of any person wanting cosmetic surgery and is not exclusive of non-MYA patients. If you want any advice or reviews from past patients – you will get a realistic and honest patient centred opinion, and have the choice to interact with other patients and ask questions. With 100’s of photos from not only the surgeon’s camera, but personally uploaded by patients themselves throughout their journeys you can have a private, safe and supportive place to use for your research. It is a place where you can go in for advice and come away with lifelong friends. No other cosmetic surgery provider in the UK has a secure environment like this that is so open and honest and most importantly - patient led.


5. MYA Patient Guide

All patients leave their initial consultation with the MYA Patient Guide which supplies you with all the information you may need to help you understand and prepare for surgery and what to expect in terms of aftercare.

6. Safest Implants

MYA only use Mentor implants. The manufacturing company are owned by Johnson & Johnsons, which has been a household name for years. They are FDA approved, have some of the lowest revision rates, with a textured outer layer and three more inner membranes they are super strong and are filled with a cohesive silicone gel giving a natural feel. The NHS also use Mentor implants and as one of the more expensive UK Implants, they are also the providers of the best warranty. This covers you for the lifetime of the implant for rupture.

7. Reassuring business growth

The cosmetic surgery industry in the UK is classed as a stagnant market with most companies struggling to gain any growth. A huge statement that sets MYA apart from their competitors is that MYA as a company grew 30% in 2017 alone. This speaks volumes that more and more patients are choosing, either through recommendation or through informed research, to go with MYA. MYA’s competitors may be slightly cheaper, but we believe in quality of service and in providing a high level of quality surgery and aftercare in a supportive, welcoming environment and that this is far more important than the cost of surgery which will have positive effects that domino throughout your future.

8. Real Patients for MYA World Marketing

With a vision of squashing stereotypes and advocates of men and women from all walks of life who may be choosing cosmetic surgery for all sorts of reasons, it is reassuring to know, in a world of ‘fake news’ that ALL MYA marketing models - be it on the TV, online or in the clinic, are MYA Patients themselves. MYA do not outsource models or actresses, but use real past patients who are invited to take part in photoshoots and filming to showcase not only their fantastic results but their glowing confidence.

9. Empathetic Care & Service

Established in 2007, by John Ryan who expanded another cosmetic surgery company before creating MYA, felt there was room in the industry for a patient centred clinic and wanted to provide cosmetic surgery to patients who were assessed as appropriate. All patients are provided with an outcome established through the current best guidelines of clinical practice. Stringent measures are in place to make sure patients are suitable for surgery, have realistic individual expectations, are aware of risks or complications and are provided with the best pre- and post-operative care tailored for them as an individual.

What I’m trying to say is - the question shouldn’t be ‘Why choose MYA?” but

“Why WOULDN’T you choose MYA!?"