After breast augmentation, it’s not uncommon to feel like your implants look too small or even too big. However, once your breasts have healed and the breast implants “drop and fluff”, chances are you’ll be very pleased with the results.

Patience is key here – you ought to wait for three to six months before making any decisions about the outcome of your procedure. Sometimes, the “final” look of your breasts may take up to a year. This is because there are a lot of factors at play, such as swelling, implant movement and tissue contraction.

Prediction of bra/cup size is not an absolute science.  It is not possible to guarantee bra/cup size.  Your surgeon will discuss implant size with you; a specific size or a size range may be agreed and the exact size within this range will be determined by the surgeon during the operation, depending on your chest frame and dimensional measurements. 

Whilst the majority of patients are pleased with the results of their surgery, some patients may feel dissatisfied. It is important that you match your expectations with what your surgeon advises is achievable. If your expectations are unrealistic the surgery you request may be inappropriate for you.

In the first few days and weeks after your operation, your body is repairing itself. The physical challenges associated with the process may affect the way that the brain is working. It is important that you have support at home from your family and friends after your operation. If you experience any confusion or you are feeling emotional following your operation it is important that you speak with your MYA surgeon or clinical nurse team.