Hi guys, I’m Alice and I had a breast enlargement with MYA. I took part in the new MYA campaign because I think it's really important to show that women who have cosmetic surgery can still be body positive. Body confidence is so important,  there's so much changing right now and I believe this campaign is going to help a lot of men and women talk more openly about cosmetic surgery.

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Why is being Body Honest important to you?

I think body honesty is so important to show others that nobody has a perfect body,  that imperfections are a very normal thing and they are nothing to be ashamed of. Every body is different and should be celebrated.

Why did you want a breast enlargement? 

I wanted my procedure because as a very curvy girl I didn’t feel that my body was balanced. I was a little insecure about the size of my boobs before my procedure but whilst I was conscious of them it never held me back from wearing the clothes I wanted to wear. I just wanted to change the shape and appearance of my boobs to make me feel more in proportion.

Why do you feel it’s important for people to talk openly about their procedure?

I think it’s really important for people to talk openly about their cosmetic surgery procedures, especially those who are looked up to as role models, such as celebrities. It would show that cosmetic surgery is a very “normal” thing and is something that can be discussed without any negative attachment.

What do you feel is different now following your procedure? 

I loved my body before having a breast augmentation and I love my body now. However I do have a new found confidence, and am able to embrace my body and my curves with different clothes more than I ever would have before. I’m the same person, except I have a new found confidence and self belief which wasn’t always there before!

Do you think it's important for companies to use real patients in all of their campaigns?

I think it's amazing that MYA only use real-life patients in their campaigns. It’s fresh and it’s honest!  The campaign sets real life expectations,  shows real life results and shows how MYA has changed the lives of these patients.

What are your top 3 tips you would give to someone looking into having cosmetic surgery?  

1- Do your research!

2- Ask those on the forum/Instagram for any advice or about their experience.

3-Make sure that you are having this procedure for you and only for you.

What do you think is important for people to understand about the men and woman that choose to have cosmetic surgery? 

It’s important to remember that people who have had procedures are exactly the same person as they were before the procedure. That’s the most important thing. If anything, the person is probably happier in themselves and others should celebrate in that happiness.

What do you think peoples biggest misconception is for the people that have cosmetic surgery? 

I think the biggest misconception surrounding cosmetic surgery is that the people who have the procedures have them for the wrong reasons. Reasons such as they want attention, or that they want to become famous from changing their bodies.

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