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It doesn’t take a specialist to think Kylie has undergone more than one cosmetic/non-surgical treatment. But is she finally admitting it?  Well not really, but we love to speculate and she does look AMAZING!!!



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Kylie 19, the youngest of the Kardashian- Jenner clan, showed off her sexy new photoshoot for Flaunt magazine on Instagram this week. Not shy to show a little skin, she rocked an array of sexy outfits including a super high leg pink swimsuit, Juicy Couture sweet pants (are they back in?), blonde wig and a whole host of boob.

The caption to one photo, Kylie wrote: “life in plastic it’s fantastic.” Obviously referencing Aqua‘s 1997 hit song “Barbie Girl,” which we all know and love. But was there a secret meaning?  We get that she looks like Barbie with the blonde wig and all the pink but fans were quick to comment: “She finally admits plastic omg” and “So you’re plastic and that’s why you’re fantastic Interesting.”


life in plastic it's fantastic ????

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If this is her way of admitting to having had cosmetic surgery then good for her but we would like to clarify; implants are not plastic and a good cosmetic surgeon will not have you looking plastic (insert smirking face here).