As the winter nights draw closer, we are all spending a lot more time at home. For some this is a welcomed break, time to kick back and relax, but for others, long days working from home and even longer weekends stuck at home is a bit of a challenge. It is important now, more than ever, to keep yourself fit and healthy and look after your mental wellbeing. 

We’ve created a list of fun things to do around the house to keep you entertained and busy:


1) Make a to-do list of things that need doing around the house

*Eye roll* Now is the perfect time to fix those things around the house that you’ve been putting off since New Years. Put up those new photo frames around the house, sort out the spare bedroom, declutter and give your house a deep-clean.


2) Read a book

There’s no better way to relax after a stressful day of working from home than curling up with a good book. For extra relaxation, run yourself a bubble bath and light some candles whilst you lose yourself in a story.


3) Wardrobe haul

Use this time at home to give yourself a wardrobe haul. Sort through all your items and organise them into piles, if you don’t love it ditch it! To make a bit of extra cash during these difficult times, you could list your unloved items on depop or ebay or if you want to help to support local charities who are working hard during the coronavirus outbreak, donate these items to charities like Age UK and Mind.


4) Brainstorm

Get together with your friends and family (digitally) and brainstorm ways you can help out your local community and vulnerable neighbours. Maybe start an online fundraising page, create a neighbourly WhatsApp group or volunteer to do food shops for those who are less able. Now is the time to look after one another!


5) Clean your makeup brushes

Make the most of staying at home and go make-up free for a couple of days. Not only will this do wonders to your skin, it will also give you chance to deep clean your make-up brushes. Your brushes can harbour bacteria, so it’s important to keep them clean. We advise filling a glass with some warm water and using a small amount of baby shampoo to give them a good clean. Then lay them out on some kitchen roll to dry.


6) Get your self-care on

After a couple of days at home it’s easy for people to start to feel a bit sluggish and far too tempting to slob around in your pyjamas all day. So, it’s important to make self-care part of your daily ritual. Whether that’s having a relaxing bath, giving yourself a manicure, using your favourite hair mask or scheduling in a full day of wellness and pampering.  Whatever works for you! Our top tip is to ditch the dressing gown and start each day with a fresh comfortable outfit and dedicate 15 mins a day to ‘you time’.


7) Get the board games out

Long weekends at home, can be challenging.  So, find a pack of cards and let’s get those classic board games out, just promise not to get TOO competitive and murder your family! A list of our favourite games: Monopoly, Cluedo, Mr & Mrs, Risk, Game of Life, Battleship, Jenga, Twister, Trivial Pursuit, Chess, Draughts, Scrabble and anything with a pack of cards.


8) Turn the music on and listen to a podcast

There's nothing like having a dance in your Kitchen while you rustle up so food; listening to music is proven to lift your mood! If you are sick of watching Netflix series, play your favourite music out loud and dance around your house like nobody’s watching (clothing optional). Podcasts are another great way to spend your time at home, get lost in a true crime story or put your headphones in and jump into a juicy pop-culture podcast that will make you laugh out loud.


9) Cooking practice

 Food is the way to many people’s hearts, so take this time to learn new cookery skills or bake a cake with your kids. You don’t need lots of fancy ingredients, just search online for easy recipes and cook extra portions that you can freeze or drop off to family and neighbours. It’s important to nourish our bodies with lots of tasty food!


10) Home workout

 Exercise is key for mental health and wellbeing! There are lots of things you can do around the house to raise your heart rate and keep you moving if you don't feel ready to return to the gym.  If you are lucky enough to have access to a garden, then get outside in the fresh air and do a workout. There are some great Yoga and Pilates tutorials online that you can easily follow from the comfort of your own home.  Follow MYA patient @kirstyzammit on Instagram for some great home workout ideas.


11) Practice meditation and mindfulness

If you are feeling a little anxious and low during these uncertain times a great tip is to practice mediation and mindfulness. Lock yourself away in a quiet room with no distractions and take some deep breaths and try to focus on something positive that makes you feel happy and peaceful. Get out your yoga mat, purchase a mindfulness colouring book, or download an app to help guide you through meditation and mindfulness, there are some great ones available, such as Calm and Headspace.


12) Stay connected with friends

It’s easy to feel isolated and disconnected from the outside, so staying connected with friends and loved ones is key to our mental wellbeing. Start a new group chat, keep sending each other memes, have group Netflix viewings and schedule in those videocalls. Checking-in with our loved ones and connecting with friends will get us through this!


13) Start your Christmas shopping

Is it every too early to start your Christmas shopping? Why not start your festive cheer a little earlier this year, order advent calendars for all your friends, get the Christmas decs out, and most importantly, get ahead of the game with your Christmas shopping. There are some amazing deals and discounts this time of year - and Black Friday is just around the corner!


14) Research that Cosmetic Surgery procedure you’ve been thinking about for the past 5 years

Get your laptop out and research, research, research! Join the MYA forum and follow us on Instagram @myacomseticsurgery to find out everything you need to know about your procedure, from before and after photos, patient stories and surgeon videos we've got you covered!