We know you won’t admit to them all if reading this with friends, but you will nod in appreciation that at least 95% relates to you.

1. Check to see if your tampon string is showing

2. Investigate your vagina

3. Get a mirror to take a closer look

...and wonder if it's normal (whilst feeling slightly horrified)

4. Think to yourself, all vaginas are beautiful

...even if secretly you’re not sure they are. All whilst Googling labiaplasty before and after pics

5. Push your boobs together to check out your cleavage

6. Jiggle your boobs, whilst questioning if they have sagged since last year

7. Freak out about ageing

8. Investigate your belly button/clean it out

9. Check to see if you have any stray pubes roaming up your belly

10. Stand in the mirror side-on and push out your belly so you can see what you’d look like pregnant.

11. Try and suck your belly in in the hopes it will stay like that

12. Sit on the edge of your bed and contemplate your entire life for at least 10 minutes

13. Check out how hairy your bikini line is

14. Take an ugly selfie

15. Try and take a sexy selfie

16. Count your belly rolls whilst sat on the edge of your bed

17. Wonder if your nipples have always been that colour

18. Wonder if your feet are in proportion with your body

19. Look for moles

20. Realise you have been naked way longer than intended


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