Halloween and Bonfire night are over and done with, and now it’s officially acceptable to start talking about Christmas and putting up those decorations! If like us here at MYA, you love this time of year, you've probably already started your festivities and got a head start on your Christmas shopping, so we wanted to share some handy Christmas saving hacks to help you this festive season: 


1. Create yourself a Christmas savings jar 

You probably haven’t owned a piggy bank since you were a child, but let’s face it, it’s a great way to save all your loose change and put it towards something special. We suggest getting crafty and decorating a jar with some glitter and some tinsel. This is a great activity to do with the kids, it will keep them preoccupied for a couple of hours and give you chance to have a much-needed cup of tea and maybe even a mince pie! 


2. Ditch that morning coffee 

We are all so busy dashing around at this time of year, and it’s far too convenient for us to nip into our local coffee shop and buy an over-priced caramel frappaccino or a pumpkin spiced latte on our way to work. But these daily coffee stops come at a cost, to our bank accounts and the environment. So, to save some money and help save the planet, ditch the morning coffee cups and make a flask at home. If you are wanting to contribute and support local businesses, why not cut down to one coffee shop purchase a week! 


3. Meal prep

As tasty as a Pret a Manger and M&S lunch is, you can easily replicate your favourite lunch time purchases at home. It just requires a little bit of time and effort, but it’s totally worth it if you think about swapping that expensive lunch for that festive dress you’ve had your eye on for weeks. Prepping your weekly meals is a great money saving technique for you and your family and you can save up to £50 a week if you utilise the food in your fridge and cupboards. 


4. Sell those unwanted gifts 

Yes, Christmas is a time to be thankful but there’s always one family member who buys you a gift that you don’t really want or need. So, if you haven’t used it since last year, why don’t you sell it? Another great saving hack is to sell your old clothes; we’re all buying into the fast fashion trends, especially around Christmas party season, so get last year’s outfits on eBay or Depop and make some extra cash to spend on your loved ones or put into savings. 


5. Shop those Christmas deals

Support the high street retailers this year and hunt down those Christmas deals! Don’t do all your shopping onlineget together with a loved one and make a day of it, the high street has some great deals on perfumes, pyjamas, toys and things for your home. 


6.Make a Christmas list

It’s so easy to overspend on Christmas gifts for our loved ones, but by making a list and ticking off items as you purchase them, you stop yourself from buying all those ‘little extras’. Remember, Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends, we don’t need to over-indulge to enjoy ourselves. 


7. Family secret Santa

If you have a large family, buying presents for every aunty, uncle, cousin, step-sister, boyfriend's grandmas, can rack up a very expensive Christmas bill. So why not agree to do a family secret santa this year. Set a budget and pick names from a hat, this way you can spend a little bit more on a special present for one person in your family! 


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