Hi guys, I'm MYA patient and Guest blogger @kirstyzammit. Today I'm sharing my health and fitness hacks to get you up and moving this Christmas.

I find that during the winter months, especially around Christmas, it’s a lot easier to give into temptations because ‘it’s Christmas’ or ‘I’ll start my diet after the new year’, because we all know that Christmas involves a LOT more food than we usually eat and probably more alcohol too! We also have the darker and colder evenings looming, meaning all we want to do after work is go home and put our dressing gowns on instead of going to the gym or working out at home!

Christmas is the time to be merry and celebrate, but if you are searching for a bit of motivation in the lead up to Christmas, here are some of my winter fitness hacks and workouts to do from the comfort of your home. Don't wait until the New Year to start your fitness goals, get ahead of the January gym fanatics and start setting yourself small goals now!


It's Important to get up and get moving

I'm not saying you need to be doing an hour of high intensity exercise everyday or anything dramatic (unless you want to), I recommend just generally being move active in your day to day life. Whether that be cycling or walking to work, taking the stairs instead of the lift, or taking a lunchtime yoga class - it's important to be active and to get your blood pumping!

I have a full-time office job, which means I don’t get chance to get up and about until the evening, so I’ve recently challenged myself to see how many steps I can do in a day. This a great challenge you could do with a friend or colleague and you can compete to see who does the most steps each week. 

There is a common misconception that in order to burn calories, we must either be sweating bucket loads and be out of breath, this is not true. You can burn calories by doing lots of activities such as, gardening and housework, although please remember, the less intense the exercise, the slower the calories will burn off.

If you're keen to start 

Workout 1 - Abs


Complete each exercise for 4 sets of 15 repetitions, with a rest period of whatever you choose. I would recommend between 60-90 12:04pm PST

Workout 2 - Legs


This is the 500 rep challenge! It consists of 5 exercises and should be completed as explained below. The trick is to take as little rest as possible in-between all of the 500 reps!
1) Bridge raises: This is going to work your calves. Complete 100 reps.

2) Single leg glute bridges: This is going to work your glutes. Complete 50 reps on each leg.

3) Constant tension side lunges: This is going to burn out the majority of your lower body muscles! Complete 100 reps (50 in each direction).

4) Frog pumps: This is going to work your glutes. Complete 100 reps.

5) Static lunges: This is another all-round leg burn out! Complete 50 reps on each leg.

Workout 3- Glutes


1) Banded side steps - I do these for 5 minutes straight at the end of my workout for the final burn out! Complete 1-2 sets of 5 minutes straight!

2) Frog pumps - Keep your feet together, knees pointed out and place a weight across your hips for extra intensity! Complete 4 sets of 30 reps, squeeze your glutes on every rep!

3) Single leg glute bridges - I like to lift my toes as I feel it more in my glutes! Complete 4 sets of 12 reps on each leg (switch legs after every set).

4) Static hip thrust abductions - Do not underestimate this exercise, it HURTS ?. Hold a hip thrust position, have a band around your knees and abduct x 20 reps for 4 sets!


Make room for the treats

With all the festivities in full swing and quality street tins galore, it's easy to overindulge over the Christmas period.

But for those of you who are trying to watch what you eat this Christmas, it's important to still make room for some treats. If you deprive and restrict yourself from all the festive goodies, you are more than likely to end up overindulging and inevitably feeling worse about yourself. My advice is to meal prep and plan ahead, if you know you have a few boozy nights out booked one week, then take it easy the rest of the week and plan some healthy meals and exercise in to maintain balance. 


It’s so easy to forget that soft drinks and  alcohol drinks can be packed with sugar and nasty chemicals. It's important to stay hydrated over the festive season, especially as most of us like to indulge in a few festive tipples. Drinking lots of water and drinks packed with antioxidants such as green tea, help to flush out the toxins and boost your immune system - keeping those winter germs at bay!

Set yourself goals

Don't wait till the New Year to start the 'new year new me' hype, get ahead of the game! Think about the year ahead and what you want to achieve and what you want to improve, set yourself some realistic goals and ambitions and start working towards them now.

Most diets and resolutions get broken in the first week of January, so set yourself goals and start them early to get a much needed head start! I recommend writing your goals down in your notes on your phone or in a notebook by your bedside table, to give yourself daily reminders of your goals when you are having a wobble. I sometimes save something related to my goals as my phone background to keep me motivated. 


For more workout videos or tips on returning to exercise post-surgery check out my Instagram @kirstyzammit or visit my website: www.kirstyzammit.com