Header: Credit: Shutterstock ‘Dropping’ or ‘fluffing’ is a slang term which refers to the process of breast implants settling. Following a breast augmentation there will be a degree of tightness and swelling, during this time the skin and breast tissue will stretch to accommodate the implant. In doing so, the upper fullness will decrease and the implants will not sit as high on the chest wall and the lower fullness increases. The breast shape will become less pointy and the skin will be less shiny. Unknown This process can vary and can take anything from 6 weeks to 3 months. Being patient is extremely important as the breasts can change in appearance daily as well as independent of each other. Below we have outlined the 3 visual stages of breast shape change that your breasts will undergo in their first 2 months. Please bear in mind that everyone heals at a different rates and this is meant as a general guide.


boob progress 375cc side Prior to the insertion of the implants.

1 Week Post-Op

boob progress 375cc side Strapping has just been removed (not all surgeons use strapping but you will always attend a post op review 7 to 10 days post op). The breasts can sometimes appear cone-like with enlarged nipples due to swelling and stretching, which can also make the skin look shiny. Upper fullness sits high on the chest wall.

6 Weeks Post-Op

boob progress 375cc side Upper fullness has decreased and lower fullness increased, breast appear closer together. At this point patient is able to exercise at beginner level following a check-up with their surgeon.

3 Months Post-Op

Generally implants have fully settled into their natural shape. boob progress 325ccboob progress 325ccboob progress 325cc If you are interested in learning more about breast enlargements, why not visit our FAQ page on the Breast Enlargement section of our website? This is a common topic on our MYA Space forum so why not pop over and see what our lovely forum members are saying?