Header: Credit: Shutterstock We all crave fuller lips. However, not everyone is quite ready to take the injectable plunge just yet. MYA has decided to take a look at the weird and wonderful options that are out there to create the perfect pout.

1. Lip Liner and Lipstick – The Kylie Jenner look!

We are just as obsessed with the youngest Kardashian’s lips as you are! Endless Instagram selfies, along with queuing at Mac for the perfect lip liner, to try and recreate the ‘Kardashian look’. We have all been there! Revealed on this week’s episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians (KUWTK), it actually takes Kylie 40 minutes to do her lipstick! Scott says about Kylie: “Have you seen her do her lipstick? It takes like 40 minutes.” Scott is the boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian (Kylie’s sister), and father to her 3 children. Want to try for yourself? Step 1: Make sure your lips are moisturized with lip balm, Blend concealer around the outer part of your lips (this is to disguise your natural border). Step 2: Apply powder to set concealer. Step 3: Now to build the lip shape — with a fine tipped liner outline above the border of your lips (tip: the further out you go the larger your lips appearance will be). Do not go crazy you don’t want to imitate a circus clown. Step 4: Apply lipstick – you can use a lip brush to blend the lipstick and liner. Step 5: If you don’t want a matte look, apply a gloss on in the centre of your lips & now you’re ready to pout like a Kardashian.

2. Feeling Spicy!

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 14.09.50 Capsicum which is a component found in red chillies, which give them their spice, comes in an oil form. Rub this sparingly on your lips, as this will increase blood flow and circulation to the area acting as a natural plumping agent. Average cost £8.99-£10.99

3. Lip Voltage plumping Lip Gloss

03 There are several different types of lip plumping lip glosses, but one of the most popular on Instagram and beauty blogs has to be ‘Lip Voltage’. The lip gloss works by mixing drops of cologne and lip gloss which causes a tingling sensation and the lips appear fuller. Lip Voltage has 3 stages of voltage which you can choose from; each stage has a slight increase in tingle sensation. You do get used to the tingle, but the best way to describe this is the feeling you get when you have had a little too much sun, without enough sun block. Average Price £15.99

4. Tooth Brush your Lips!

04 Yes you read that correctly! We all brush our teeth at least twice a day and it has been said that if you gently brush your lips (without toothpaste) this will encourage blood flow and circulation to the lips. The increased blood flow will encourage natural plumping over time. It’s worth a try! Average cost of a tooth brush £2.50

5. Plastic Pout (well kind of)

05 ‘Fullips’ is described as the only all-natural patented self-suction lip plumping tool. Small enough to pop in your bag and to be used prior to lip stick or lip gloss application. We are not sure we believe this is a great idea, but it’s a fad and we don’t mind trying it, if the Cosmopolitan beauty editor likes it, we can’t really disagree! The specific brand is only available from America at $39,95 plus postage. Why not arrange a free consultation with MYA’s non-surgical team Courthouse Clinics? Click here for further information on non-surgical lip fillers.