Putting straight some myths about implants...

1. They Don't Burst

This week I was practising some new tricks for my aerial silks routine when I had a bit of a fall. By 'a bit' I mean that I fell from 6 metres and landed on my face on a sprung floor. Ouch.

After checking my nose wasn't broken and I still had all my teeth, my friends next frantic question was: "Are you boobs ok? Why aren't you using a mat? What if your boobs burst?!". Despite the shock and the stinging in my face, I had to laugh as I tried to explain just how unlikely that it is, and that the type of implants I have, Mentor from MYA, wouldn't burst in the way a water balloon would.

Mentor implants are made of cohesive polymers that feel like fluid but are actually made of a gel that acts as a unit. The best way to describe it would be to think of if you took a sponge and you cut it in half, it wouldn't leak but would instead be two whole pieces of sponge.

Not only that but the chances of saline implants rupturing before 10 years is less than 15% and even smaller for silicone implants. Knowing these statistics and having the correct information about the type of implants I have inside my body reassures me that no matter how I fall, I needn't worry. I've had my implants for almost three years now, with no complications or restrictions on my movement or physically strength or ability.

I'm confident that I can continue to monkey around with little to no consequences to my implants, allowing me to keep these breasts flying high, you know what I mean?

The comment did however lead to me wonder what other misconceptions people have when it comes to breast implants...

Whilst we all want great tits, not many of us want to look like one so let's debunk these myths and see what's fact and what's just fiction when it comes to our boobs.

2. They don't have to be Big to be Beautiful

Must you go big or go home? Absolutely not! Don't be a boob and go for the biggest implants just because it's what someone else had or you think you need to go huge whilst you're spending your precious pennies on surgery. The best thing to do is talk to your surgeon and try out different implant sizes to see what looks best on your body and which size will achieve your desired look. Your PC will also be there to advise you, ultimately the decision is down to you, but boobs don't have to be big to be best!

3. Saline is Better than Silicone

False! Whilst there are some who argue that saline implants are better than silicone, there is no scientific evidence to back this up. If a saline implant deflated it would be more noticeable as the fluid is absorbed by the body and the breast would lose shape. Silicone generally has a more natural feel and as I explained earlier, with Mentor implants, the gel does not leak in event of a rupture as it is a cohesive polymer. Go with what your surgeon advises and what you feel is best for you, but don't buy in to the myth that one is better than the other.

4. You can't breastfeed with implants

Oh, baby. People ask me all the time how I'm going to breastfeed if I have fake boobs. So many women believe that if you have your boobs done, you won't be able too feed your baby naturally but this is another MYTH. Most women go on to breastfeed normally, well, as normal as breastfeeding can be as everyone is different! Sub muscular implant placement and choosing not to go for a periareolar incision (around the nipple) is best if you want to breastfeed in the future. Let's not forget that often, due to anomalies of the milk ducts or natural nipple, some women can't or don't breastfeed anyway. Your boob job doesn't have to have an effect on how you feed your little ones.

5. Mammography isn't Possible!

With cancer statistics worryingly high, we all want to look after our bodies and regularly check our lady lumps for signs of scary bumps. The myth that a mammogram won't be possible with implants could put some people off surgery or give them cause for concern, especially if their family have a history of breast cancer.

Actually, although the mammography techniques used may be slightly different, scans are still possible and effective as long as you make your doctor and medical team aware.

I would advise you to familiarise yourself with your new boobs as they will be changing in shape, size and feel a lot over the first 6 months. Keeping a close eye on how they settle will help you to notice any future differences or abnormal pain/changes.

6. Implants Last You A Lifetime

Some people believe that implants will last forever, others swear that they have a friend of a friend who said breast implants have to be changed every ten years. The truth is, nothing lasts forever and eventually, some women will choose to change or remove their implants. With advances in implant technology, likewise the Mentor implants that MYA use, implants can now easily be kept for 20 years. Often women who change their implants do so for aesthetic reasons such as ageing or going for a new look to suit them at that time in their life. Take your boobs a day at a time, look after them with a good bra and moisturiser on your scars, and if you do decide at a later point in life to cross that bridge to have them re-done, it's totally up to you, there's no one to say when or if it's right or wrong.

It feels great to be bursting a few of those commonly misunderstood boob bubbles, if you know of any others I'd love to hear about them!

Candice (.) (.) xx