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One of the biggest outfit decisions of the year is coming up… Yes, you guessed it. IT’S NEARLY HALLOWEEN. I always get so excited about Halloween – any excuse to buy tons of glitter, crazy hair dye and eat A LOT of chocolate!! However sometimes the stress of having to think of what to wear ruins the excitement of Halloween but don’t you worry, I am here to help.

If you are hoping to ‘scare’ people with your costume, you’re probably looking in the wrong place and you’re definitely reading the wrong blog…

However, if you want to make sure you are the best dressed cat, devil or even unicorn you have ever seen… KEEP ON READING.

I have made a list of full Halloween outfits that you can buy online. I’ve also put all the links underneath each costume. All you need to do is pick your fave and get ordering!!! Go go go…

1 - Suicide Squad

Thought Margot Robbie was the only person that could pull off looking creepy and sexy at the same time?? Wrong. Copy her ‘Suicide Squad’ look with this simple top, mini shorts and fishnets. Put your hair into pigtails and smudge some bright coloured eyeshadows… Unreal Halloween outfit: DONE. Head to ‘Inthestyle’ to get this look now.

Top - In The Style

Tights - ASOS

Boots - In The Style

Shorts - ASOS

2 - Cat

To all you girls reading this blog with MYA BOOBS… This one’s for you!!! Backless and low-cut = the ideal leotard to show your boobies off to their full potential! Team with cute cat ears and cat-eye contacts for the most ‘puuuuuuurfect’ cat costume.

Catsuit - ASOS

Ears - ASOS

Contact Lenses - Party Nutters

Earrings - Dress Lily

3 - Unicorn

Taking some inspo from #MYAWORLD, copy MYA girl Lauren’s outfit from our latest TV AD!! Add some pink accessories, add some pink sparkle… and there you have it, Halloween unicorn!! It may not be your typical Halloween outfit but c’mon, we need to make the most of the opportunity to dress up in as much glitter and fluff as we like…

Dress - Motel Rocks

Headband - In The Style

Jewels - In The Style

Shoes - Miss Guided

Glitter Spray - Claires


4 - Bat

This outfit is all about lace. Combine a black lace dress + lace wings + lace facemask = KILLER HALLOWEEN COMBO! Just add some black lipstick and you’ve nailed the simplest Halloween outfit ever. If you are looking to save some £££, you can always just add these accessories to any LBD you already own!

Dress - Missguided

Wings - Escapade

Eye mask - Missy Empire

Lipstick - ASOS

5 - Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil: A true Disney villain who can also be made to look HOT (and if she didn’t used to scare you as a kid, I don’t know who would!). So grab an LBD, a big fur coat and order this crazy wig for a stand-out costume this Halloween. Plus if you’ve been considering investing in a fur coat this winter, you now have the perfect excuse to go and splurge…

Coat - ASOS

Dress - Missguided

Wig - Ebay

Gloves - Ebay

Lipstick - ASOS


6 - Devil

My favourite Halloween outfit ever!!! (and another great one for you lucky ladies with MYA boobs). Grab these GORGEOUS knee high boots and combine with a red leotard and red fishnets and I promise,  you will be the best looking devil anybody has ever seen. HOT HOT HOT.

Bodysuit - Missguided

Cape - Ebay

Boots - Missy Empire

Tights - ASOS

Headband - Miss Pap


7 - Robot

Another opportunity to rock those knee high boots… but this time in silver! Get futuristic and stand out this halloween with this killer metallic outfit. Add the cyber mask and wig to finish the look and get ready for everyone to go absolutely crazy over this outfit! – (and then copy you nexy year!!)

Dress - Motel Rocks

Boots - ASOS

Tights - ASOS

Mask - Ebay

Wig - The Head Shop Online

So there you go… My favourite Halloween outfits for 2017!

And remember Halloween only comes once a year so make the most of the opportunity to buy and dress up in whatever the hell ya want...


Love Katie @MYA xx