So, you’ve spotted the guy of your dreams and you’re trying to catch his interest without looking awkward or even worse…desperate. If your flirting technique makes Chandler Bing look smooth, then we’ve got a few tips to steer you in the right direction. Avoid flirting with disaster and keep clear of using these cringey methods that most of us girls are guilty of.

Giggling at everything he says

tumblr_m3jhj1F7Bh1rtc766o1_500 It’s a fact, men love it when we laugh at their jokes but don’t make him think he’s a stand-up comedian when he isn't. Encouraging unfunny jokes with loud, fake laughter will just make him dig out even more. Don’t get us wrong, showing your appreciation when he makes a joke is a good thing but try not to overdo it. Plus, laughing like a hyena every time he opens his mouth will make you look a tiny bit crazy.

Getting too drunk in front of your date

863ccf87490765263fccf88cb88ff228 A few drinks were supposed to calm your nerves but maybe cocktail number 6 wasn’t a good idea. Before you know it, you’ve lost control of your limbs and you’ve just told your date about that time you woke up with a fake eyelash stuck to your forehead. A little Dutch courage may give you a confidence boost but try to take it easy. Don’t gulp your drinks down, instead, sip them slowly, relax and enjoy his company. After all, you didn’t spend all that time getting ready to end up being escorted to a taxi in disgrace.

Trying to be super-sexy

I_821839_1810932 So, the plan was you’d have him wrapped around your finger with the flutter of an eyelash. But you tried to pull off a Beyoncé hair flip and ended up with your locks stuck to your lipgloss. The trick to being seductive without looking try-hard is all down to body language. Smile, maintain eye contact and focus your attention on what he’s saying whilst occasionally glancing at his mouth. Top this off by subtly brushing his elbow or shoulder and he won’t be able to resist.

Making him green with envy

image002 You might have seen it work in the movies but don’t try to get his attention by making him jealous. If he’s not into you, chatting up another man in front of him won’t make him change his mind. Even worse, if he was interested he’ll now think he doesn’t have a chance.

Being rude

OK, a little teasing and the odd sarcastic comment shows him you’ve got a feisty sense of humour. Be careful though, there’s a blurry line between making fun of him and being cruel. Taking things too far or embarrassing him in front of other people is definitely not a turn-on so think first before making jokes about his receding hair line.

Being a social media pest

9e2daaaf1630ffd941304f7831fa9976 You’ve added him on everything and now you’re retweeting, clicking thumbs up on his statuses or hearting pics of his lunch at every opportunity. #Stalker. First off, he isn’t telepathic and flirting online isn’t the same as being social face-to-face. Try to catch him in the real world for an actual conversation and show him you’re interested without the help of a touchscreen.

Playing hard to text

We’ve all done it – waited a few hours or sometimes even a day or two to respond to his texts. Of course, nobody wants be too keen but delaying those replies may make him think you’re not interested or you’re simply too busy to give him the time of day. Little does he know, that you’ve read his message about 32 times, drafted close to 18 replies and discussed the perfect response with your best mate for so long that she’s now ready to strangle you. Save yourself all the stress of wondering about the “What Ifs” and just hit “Send” – you’ll have the answers soon enough.   See, it’s not that difficult. Next time you’re chatting to that Jamie Dornan lookalike at your local bar, speak to him with dash of confidence, a sprinkle of common sense and a smile on your face. Who knows where it might lead to?