Header: Credit: ASOS Here we've summarised the 7 perfect things to waste your money on that you need but actually don’t really need! It feels like forever waiting to sign into your online backing 1 minute past midnight to check that pay day has actually arrived. Unfortunately you then spend the next few days continuously online shopping in a daze of a spending frenzy. Its uncontrollable, addictive and we all suffer from what we like to call “spending excitement”. You’re on a roll adding to your online basket and not contemplating the fact you have to eat this month or pay rent but hey ho you really need that 100th LBD. You wait patiently at the door for the delivery driver who is your new BFF with the amount of emails and texts you have received, just counting down the seconds to his arrival. The package has finally arrived, just to be ripped open (with no regard to damaging the packaging knowing fine well you will probably want to send something back) to see what magical gems have arrived. How about instead of wasting your money on that dress that you'll wear once, waste it on something far more useless! Here are some of the items that you could fall into the trap of buying during your pay day blindness (so be warned):

1. Unicorn head/Mask

UNICORN That’s right people a unicorn mask. Great for freaking out your little cousin Harry or for a bad hair day but really £35 for 5 minutes of fun? MYA's answer: yes. BUY NOW

2. A tail

TAIL Ok, so I am not sure where to start with this one, but the fact they come in a variety of animals makes it even stranger yet still you’re deciding which one you want.. it’s not fancy dress people get a grip. (PS. I want the fox) BUY NOW

3. An inflatable

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 17.56.03 As the first to admit we love an inflatable and you would look amazing draped across one in a pool in Ibiza sipping a cocktail, but in reality you are sat in your bedroom in Skegness and it’s raining outside. A £55 inflatable flamingo will not add to your life or Instagram followers. But you never know when you could use it... BUY NOW

4. Perspex shoes/boots

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 17.57.03 Just as a heads up, we know they are fashionable and Kim K loves them but they are shoes sent from Satan to ruin your feet if you are ever able to walk again. BUY NOW

5. A sloth tea infuser

SLOTH The sweet sloth face does help you relax, but do we need a sloth hanging from the side of our mug to make the perfect cup of tea? MYA's answer: maybe. BUY NOW

6. A new lipstick or lip-gloss

MAC You have every colour of the rainbow already. Matt, gloss and high shine but is another really required? (Unless of course it's limited edition then we can let that slide). We're not providing a link because you should know by now where to buy a new lipstick...

7. Novelty phone charger

CHARGER It's pink so we must have it! It's also 3 metres long so you can charge your phone without lying beside the socket but it’s a fact it will break within 2 weeks RIP to all the chargers out there. Think cleaver when it comes to this month’s wage, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.