So here we are. Over seven years of wanting this and my date is finally booked. Over seven years of t-shirts on the beach, over seven years of making “boob jokes” in naked situations, over seven years of comparing myself to a tubby little boy… and it's finally my turn. But why did I wait so long? What stopped me sooner? Life. Crazy, hectic, wonderful life got in the way of my boob dream and my biggest regret… was letting it stop me!


My first consultation with MYA was 7 years ago. I was 20 years old at the time, studying a dance degree with plans of summer travel looming and I was desperate to make the beach a no t-shirt zone. But with my degree being so physically demanding and the summer trip costing so much, my plans to say bye bye to my tubby boy boobs had to take a back seat for the foreseeable future.


As the years passed I found hundreds of reasons to put the surgery off until next year… and the next… and the next. Holidays, career changes, buying a house, home improvements - anything requiring me to spend money or be active seemed to be my reason, or in some cases my excuse, to postpone my plans. Life was exciting and fast-paced over the years, but one thing remained the same - I was STILL so insecure with my body and it has such a negative impact on me daily. My friends would often joke with me about how baggy my clothes were when we went out, or that I would always keep a jacket on even in the hottest clubs or bars despite dripping in sweat and the older I was getting, the more it was affecting me. This one hang-up I have with my body is now dictating my clothing choice, my confidence, my relationships and it can make even the most exciting plans feel like a battle to prepare for (my boobs being the opponent). Then this year I finally decided enough is enough.  I’m 27 now, closer to 30 than 20 andI want to enjoy the rest of my 20’s feeling confident and comfortable in my own skin. So… I took the plunge and saved my date.

Ahead of securing my surgery date I had my savings ready, annual leave approved and surgeon consult scheduled. I was ready to go and the closest I have ever been to finally making my boob dream a reality. I had hundreds of boob pics on my phone, screenshots of underwear and dresses I wanted to buy post op - I was in a boobie fantasy. After a couple of days of literally feeling on cloud nine the panic sets in. Panic, fear, worry - all of the above. I didn’t understand it, I have wanted this for seven years now, I have total confidence in Dr Andrea and the MYA team so what is worrying me so much? After a couple of restless nights, I realised it was the surgery itself and the unknown of the op that was starting to ruin my whole experience and to be honest - making me doubt my decision to book the surgery. I felt heartbroken, am I not going to be brave enough to do it? After what felt like hundreds of conversations with the MYA team and my friend/colleague Caroline who have already been through the surgery, my panic and nerves slowly started to change back to excitement.


After my dramatic wobble almost destroyed my chance of finally getting my dream boobs - I was genuinely so surprised that the thought of the surgery (and the unknown of it) had such an effect on me. I know some people would like to be blissfully unaware as to what happens but I find that clarity makes me so much calmer. So with this, I decided to agree to my procedure being filmed live! Yes LIVE! Not part of it, not just the middle of it… the whole day. The arrival, the going to sleep, the operation, the waking up – EVERYTHING. I hope that this can be helpful (if not just a bit interesting) for girls who are in my position and super nervous about what happens during that mystical 60 mins before you wake up. I’m not doing this to promote surgery in any way, but to offer a completely honest look at what happens during that big day and beyond.

Bye bye tubby boy boobs- I’m ready to do this! Follow my journey on Instagram and MYA's live feed on the 23rd of November to see it all!


Note: No surgical procedure is entirely without risk. Any decision to have cosmetic surgery should not be taken lightly. Allow plenty of time to reflect before going ahead with a procedure. 18+ only.