The Twittersphere has been rife with rumours for years that the forever perfect Kim Kardashian-West must airbrush her images before they hit social media. We can now confirm that this is true! Thanks to a massive mess up on her part, we can now (kinda) prove it. Eagle-eyed fans spotted the altered image after she posted a smooching pic of her and her hubby Kanye West on Instagram and Facebook from younger sister Kendal’s 20th birthday bash. The images were seen by her record-breaking millions of social media followers but unfortunately Facebook had the unaltered image uploaded.

mom & dad turn up

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The images showed a bump in her ponytail and a not so slender jaw line but nothing that we feel needed the airbrush treatment. However it was quickly removed but not before people had spotted the flaws in the comparison image. Kim and her team are not addressing the situation as we would expect, but can you remember the time she posted a selfie in her workout gear and the bathroom wall looked strange right behind her snitched in the waist? Could that be a coincidence or is this yet more evidence? We think Kim is amazing and wish she didn't feel the need to do this. She should've left her images the way they were because a bit of a chin is far more relatable and honest. We believe in celebrities leaving Instagrams un-edited (except for a sneaky filter which we all do..)