Picking the perfect wedding dress is probably the most crucial part of your wedding planning. It's meant to be an incredible experience but can become stressful and frustrating especially when you are not really sure what you are looking for. If you've recently had cosmetic surgery, you will now be dressing yourself for a whole new body shape so you may have a dream dress in mind but that dream dress may not suit your newly petite frame or enhanced breasts. Below are MYA's helpful tips on how to choose a wedding dress for your body shape. Picking the correct dress for your frame will make you not only more comfortable but make you feel beautiful on your big day. This goes for the surgically enhanced or the cosmetic surgery virgins. Everyone can get in on this!

Start by Choosing Your Body Shape



Pear Shaped

1. Pear shape dress Source Think about the fruit - you are smaller on the top (shoulders) and larger at the bottom (hips and thighs). A-line is best as you will be naturally smaller at the waist but the A-line shape will disguise and float over the hips and thighs. Emphasise your upper body; you can pull off strapless or a V shaped neckline to show off your slender upper body. Stay away from mermaid or fish tale style dresses as they will cling to your bottom half and can make you look disproportionate. 2. pear Source

Hour Glass

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 12.32.41 Source Your top and bottom half a perfectly balanced with a small waist. It’s safe to say this shape can pull off pretty much any dress. Accentuating your waist is encouraged so try two piece or corset style dresses, which work well. Try and avoid ball gown style dresses, you are already balanced so adding extra weigh can look odd. 2. Hour glass dress Source


1. Busty Source You are either naturally busy or enhanced by the surgeon gods at MYA! It is your wedding day and although you are proud of your assets you don’t want them to become a distraction. Go for a sweetheart or scooped neck line rather than a straight across as this can make the breasts appear even larger - a bit like a shelf. Source


1. apple Source Voluminous apple shapes tend to have a bust, tummy and bum. V-shaped neckline will draw the eye towards the vertical rather than the horizontal (sliming). Go for a textured bodice (think lace or ruche), this will camouflage and distract from this area while creating a form of corset.  An empire line can create the illusion of an elongated frame or a ball gown will cover the areas you wish to hide. Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 12.46.15 Source


1. peite Source 5’1 and under with a small frame overall: think narrow A-line dresses. Anything that clings can shorten you. Soft flowing fabrics without the fuss will elongate. 2. peite Source


1. Tall Source You tower above your friends and are often asked if you have heels on (when you don’t). You are lucky that a lot will suit you and you have the pick of the bunch. Floor sweeping hemline and a lower waist line are very flattering. As you are very statuesque you want to think simple - avoid the faff of jewels and embellishment. Also consider ditching the heels if your groom isn't the tallest! 2. Tall Source

Plus size

1. Plus size Source An empire dress is perfect but your skirt should start from under the bust and flow to the floor to a gradual A-line. Fabrics like satin create structure and play to your body shape. Anything too loose will give the illusion of adding extra pounds. 2. plus size Source


1. Slim Source Tall or short you have a ballerina figure with an undefined waistline.  Slim is the one shape that can get away with a high neck line. Embroidery and beading in the correct places can give a look of curves. 2. slim Source Are you looking to have a pre-wedding day procedure? To find out more information about breast enlargements, vaser liposuction, nose reshaping or read about Rochelle’s pre-wedding transformation.