If last week's National Cleavage Day did not make enough of a fuss about the wonders of boobs, then the boob party hosted by Made In Chelsea star Gabilicious (Gabriella Tristao) certainly did. The party featured in the opening episode of the third series of the reality TV show screened on April 2nd on E4. The celebration was held in honour of cast member Gabriella Tristao's boob reduction operation, with the main event being a big reveal of Gabriella's less buxom bosom. After making a grand entrance involving feather fans, Gabriella unveiled her new chest and greeted her guests, saying: "Thank you for coming. I never dreamed of being able to wear a dress like this before." Discussing her decision with friends Francis Boulle and Fredrik Ferrier, the reality TV star said she had spent three years pondering cosmetic surgery before going ahead and wouldn't miss her larger chest.