As fans of boobs, nipples and all things Kardashians, it’s not surprising we are all over the fact that yummy mummy Kim Kardashian is not scared to bare all with her recent sheer and revealing fashion choices.
Rocking underwear as outerwear and sheer tops & dresses, it’s safe to say the paparazzi have been getting an eye full of the star’s assets as she spent time in NYC supporting husband Kayne West and living it up at NYC fashion week.
We have definitely seen a lot of Kim over the years and she couldn’t exactly be described as a wall flower when it comes to showing off her body. We have all seen the naked photoshoots, Instagram uploads oh and remember that video…?! But the new fashion icon is showing the world that nipples are sexy, high fashion and nothing to shy away from.
The star opened up about freeing her nipples on her website and app sharing some of her favourite see-through looks in a post titled "Sheer Nipple Vibes". She wrote "I have always loved sheer—I just don't GAF, LOL." It’s true she really doesn’t; she isn’t fazed by negativity, body shaming or what people think. She exudes confidence and that's hugely attractive and aspiring to many. Now I’m not saying I could pull it off on my local high-street but I really wish I could.
Would you dare to bare?