Whether we care to admit it or not, we all have that one (or two...or three) celebrity we just can’t seem to get enough of. We are a celebrity obsessed generation, and with social media facilitating our daily (hourly, cough cough) fix, who can blame us!?Banana roll liposuction It’s very common for our patients to request specific facial features and bodily attributes from certain celebrities that they aspire to emulate. Some of the most common requests we hear are Angelina Jolie’s lips and cheek bones, Jennifer Lawrence’s nose, and currently at the top of the list, which I’m sure will come as no surprise, Kim Kardashian’s pert derriere. In honour of Kim’s ample bottom, many cosmetic surgery companies have seen a soar in the number of requests for banana roll liposuction, a procedure which targets the stubborn fat at the top of the back of the thigh, just underneath the buttock. Minimizing this area of fat gives the appearance of a higher, more pert behind. Banana Roll liposuction has seen a 2% increase from May - September. At MYA we offer three different types of liposuction. Perfect for banana roll liposuction is our Vaser liposuction procedure. Vaser is increasingly popular because it is less invasive than traditional liposuction, minimising recovery time. vaser liposuction areas Our PowerX Vaser machine uses ultrasonic energy to selectively break apart the fatty tissue whilst still preserving important tissues. The sound waves that the small probes emit break apart the fat on contact, liquefying it and allowing for easy removal. Vaser is ideal for a range of different people, both men and women, with unique cases. Take Simon for example, who found that no amount of training and exercise at the gym would give him the body tone he so much desired. And Emma, who prior to Vaser suffered with low self-esteem having struggled with fluctuations in her weight for most of her life. vaser lipoShe said: “I had serious issues with my legs. No matter how hard I exercised and ate a good diet, they were still, in my mind, stumpy and chunky. I have never had a weight problem; I just didn't think they were the legs I wanted. I would recommend anybody suitable to have Vaser lipo.” Read Simon and Emma's stories here along with other MYA Patient Stories, and see our before and after photos.