When you look as good as Beyoncé, you’re obviously going to be fighting off cosmetic surgery rumours because perfection normally has a price. In recent years, people have been questioning Beyoncé’s gradually changing appearance. There’s her shrinking nose, her growing breasts, her lightened skin; the list goes on. But has she actually had cosmetic surgery? Could her altering appearance be down to a clever camera angle or on point contouring? Only one thing is for sure, she looks amazing and is one of MYA’s top inspirations.

So, let’s have a look at the body parts that have left people speculating.

Her Nose

Image credit: Shutterstock, @beyonce on Instagram

Beyoncé’s nose appears to be narrower than it used to be, indicating that she may have had rhinoplasty, (more commonly known as a nose job), which can involve refining the tip, bridge or overall profile of the nose. What the Experts Say Dr Jeffrey Spiegel, Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and Professor at Boston University, believes that Beyoncé has indeed undergone rhinoplasty surgery: “I think she has had her nose narrowed and the tip refined. I do this same procedure regularly. She looks gorgeous and the surgeon did an excellent job."


Her Breasts

Image credit: Shutterstock, @beyonce on Instagram

Looking back at older photos of Beyoncé, her breasts look fuller today, leaving us questioning whether she’s had breast enlargement surgery. A woman’s breast size and shape can change naturally for a number of reasons, including changes in weight, so could it be that the increase in size left Queen Bey just as surprised as her fans? What the Experts Say Dr. Anthony Youn, owner of Youn Plastic Surgery, believes that Beyoncé has in fact undergone a breast enlargement procedure. A member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Youn has a wealth of experience in performing cosmetic surgery procedures, leading him to assertively state that: “Beyoncé appears to have had a breast augmentation. She looks great with curvy breasts; they look natural.” But the singer hasn’t admitted to having breast enlargement surgery. Her increase in breast size could be the result of a good push up bra or even a breast uplift – a procedure that many women consider after giving birth and breastfeeding.

Her Body

Beyoncé is known for having fierce curves, a feminine shape and an hourglass figure that most women would be envious of. But we’ve recently seen a more toned and trim Beyoncé. Could this be down to healthy eating and an active lifestyle, or could she have had liposuction to get rid of those problem areas that can be difficult to shift? Many people are under the impression that she has undergone liposuction surgery to remove fat from her stomach, as this area seems much firmer in comparison to other areas of her body. Having such a firm stomach but keeping her curves in all the right places is something that’s very difficult to achieve by simply working out.

What the Experts Say

Cosmetic surgery experts in the industry haven’t commented on Beyoncé’s trim figure, with dieticians suggesting that her firm physique may be a result of a strict diet. Having recently adopted a vegan diet following Marco Borges’ 22 Day Revolution program, Beyoncé is flaunting an envious figure. With Marco claiming the diet will arm you with new healthy eating habits on the 22nd day, perhaps her will power and new found diet is to thank for her toned tum.

What the Star Says

Back in 2009, Beyoncé gave us a little insight into her opinions on cosmetic surgery, stating: “I’m young. I don’t think plastic surgery is OK right now, but when I’m 57, who knows what I’m going to say. I don’t judge anybody, though, if it’s something that makes them feel better, then fine." Six years on, Beyoncé may have just changed her mind and turned to cosmetic surgery to keep her looking good and in shape as she gets a little older. Whether she has or not, I think everyone agrees she’s absolutely stunning.

The Verdict

The before and after photos of Beyonce’s nose suggest that she has had rhinoplasty surgery. As for the breast enlargement rumours, we think her breasts appear natural in shape, suggesting she’s either had a very slight and subtle procedure or hasn’t had surgery at all. A question mark is hovering over the rumours of her liposuction – if her stunning figure is down to healthy eating and exercise, we want to know her secrets.

All image credits: RexFeatres.com