We obviously can’t help being boob obsessed - it is the business we are in but it is safe to say we are not the only ones! Boob-shaped gifts are all the rage nowadays why not get your #MYAGirl what she wants this year with the best boob related secret Santa gifts on the market! (Or the perfect giggle gift for the hubby).

Boob Mug

01 Visually appealing yet unpractical, do not attempt to drink your hot chocolate out of one of these as you will be bitterly disappointed when it ends up in your lap. However, they do make a great desk tidy. BUY NOW

Boob Apron

02 Perfect for cooking Christmas dinner in, as long as your nan is not easily offended. BUY NOW

Novelty chocolate boobs

03 They taste as good as they look in milk and white chocolate you can’t go wrong. BUY NOW

Jelly boobs

04 Prefer sweets over chocolate? We have you covered with these fruity jelly boobs. BUY NOW

Fluffy boob slippers

05 Who doesn’t love a new pair of slippers for Christmas? It brings a whole new meaning to tit slip…ers BUY NOW

Nora Kogan boob ring

06 Looking to push the boat out this Christmas when it comes to budget why not invest in some timeless jewellery with a boob ring. The boob rings come in pale skin, dark skin and gold with jewelled nipples. You can even get the matching bum too. BUY NOW