How many of us have pined over Kimmy K's flawless countouring? And how many of us have tried and drastically failed to copy it? Even the most talented of make-up artists can struggle to achieve the perfectly chiselled cheekbones using darker shades of foundation. What they forgot to tell us, is that using layers upon layers of foundation will ultimately force your make-up to slide half way down your face after about 45 minutes! Don't get us wrong, it's a great way to start the night, and can look beautiful if applied correctly. If you are a master at contouring, then lucky you! This time however, it's lucky us! Contouring is finally out of the window. Strobing is officially in! strobe7 We don't mean disco dancing under a flashing light in your bedroom, although if that is your preference we won't stop you! Strobing with your make-up is the term for using only highlighter. As unusual as it sounds, it can give a fresh, flawless and youthful effect with a tenth of the effort used for contouring. It works by bringing out your features using light alone. You can use many different types of products to achieve the strobing effect.  Here at MYA we love the highlighter sticks. These widely available and super easy to apply. You can opt for a liquid highlighter, this will take a little more precision when applying, however can achieve amazing results. Our overall aim is to look dewy in all of the correct places - who doesn't want to look like they are lit up from within!

How to Prepare your Skin

strobe4 Not all of us are experts at make-up application and that's ok! MYA are here to help you. The only way we can create a beautiful strobing effect is through having the perfect base. This will happen when you are strict with yourself. Cleanse, tone and moisturise every day. A great quality primer is essential but don't forget, we are banning everything matte!

How to Apply your Make Up

strobe7 Next is your make-up. Try using a tinted moisturiser to give you a glowing finish. If you are worried about any blemishes, use a light concealer and blend blend blend! You should then follow with a luminous powder to set your make-up in place.

How to Strobe

And finally, lets start strobing! Choose your selected highlighter, and apply into all of the high points on your face. These include your temples, the bridge of your nose and your cupids bow, now blend until you get the desired sheen.

The Final Result

how-to-do-strobing We would love to see your strobing attempts here at MYA. You can tweet us @MYA_tweet or @lisatheblogger. If you would like to check out more blogs by MYA or are interested in a cosmetic surgery and would like to find out more information regarding procedures such as breast augmentations, liposuction and rhinoplastys you can find us here - Author: Lisa Thompson Photos: Pinterest