Former 80s pop star Cheryl Baker has been given the smile she has always wanted, after undergoing cosmetic dentistry treatment to restore her ageing teeth. As part of new reality series Pop Goes the Band, the 54-year-old TV presenter had the latest non-invasive cosmetic dental veneers fitted to acheive a more Hollywood smile. Together with former Bucks Fizz band mates, Cheryl went under the knife and onto the dentist's chair in this case, to bring back the youth of the band's glory days. "I'm thrilled with the results: my teeth had started to lose brightness with age and starting to erode and chip," she said. "The beauty of this treatment is that they are fitted directly onto my natural teeth without the need of an anaesthetic or drilling." Dr James Goolnik, who performed the procedure, advised: "Ideal candidates are those who have narrow smiles, or small teeth. However, this new technology is also fantastic for those who may wish to regain their youthful confident smile without the need for invasive treatment." Bucks Fizz won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981 with hit song Making Your Mind Up.