Hey Guys, I’m Claire and I’m taking over MYA’s blog today to share my experience of Rhinoplasty at MYA and the healing process.


4 Before

Surgery Day

3 In July 2016 I had open septo rhinoplasty and alar base reduction with Dr.Giannitrappani. The procedure took two hours on my surgery day and I was in recovery for one hour. As soon as I woke up all I wanted to do was look at my nose and see the difference, however, I knew I had 12 months to wait until I would see my final result.

1st Week Post-Op

5 During the first week of my recovery my face was changing every day. My face was swollen, bruised and bloody but I experienced no pain at all throughout the whole process. Breathing was difficult due to the packing of my nose but it only stayed in for 48 hours. My nose was blocked with rock hard mucous and I wasn’t allowed to touch anything. Towards the end of the week everything had cleared up and I was ready for the cast to be taken off. I could already see the shape of my nose was different even with the cast on which made me extremely excited for the big reveal.

Reveal Day!

7 One week after surgery I had my cast and stitches removed. When I first looked I was amazed with my results and how straight my nose looked, however, my nose was extremely swollen, as was my face. I felt I didn’t look like me. It was mixed emotions as although I was happy with the reflection I saw in the mirror, I was impatient and wanted to see the final result. I previously had a deviated septum so one side of my nose was more swollen than the other. I also still had black eyes so although it’s very difficult to look through all the negatives, it's so important that you remain positive and trust that in time your nose will completely heal and look so different from your reveal day. I can reassure you that you will learn to trust the healing process of your nose and I love how every day it continues improving. Don’t be disappointed if the nose you have always wanted isn’t what is staring back at you, the healing process may be long but it will be worth the wait.

2 - 12 Weeks Post-Op

1 The first four weeks post op I noticed my nose changing every day, I was so over protective with my nose and was scared to touch it. Sleeping upright until at least 6 weeks post-op was so important; I barricaded myself in with pillows so I didn’t slip down in the middle of the night. My nose was still delicate at this time and I didn’t want to risk applying pressure to it in the middle of the night. Some days I found it difficult to breath through my nose and other days everything was normal. I just accepted it was all a part of the process and eventually everything settled down. When I reached 8 weeks, my breathing had completely returned to normal. I didn’t start wearing make up until 6-8 weeks post-op because my nose was really dry and I wanted to allow my skin to recover from the shock. At first my foundation was flaking off but my skin returned to normal at 12 weeks. I went back to the gym after 12 weeks, although I was extremely cautious of my nose. I still experienced swelling after workouts but it didn’t take long to resume to it’s normal size. After 2-3 weeks of being back at the gym my nose was hardly affected by my workouts.

16 Weeks Post-Op

2 I am now 16 weeks post-op and I'm always comparing before and after pictures from over the past 16 weeks. You are probably looking at your nose all day every day waiting for the swelling to decrease or trying to notice the changes in the shape of your nose. My advice: look back over your recovery time, it’s a slow process but you will see the healing slowly working. Once you start to notice the difference you will be amazed at how your nose is changing. The amount my nose has improved since my cast-off day 16 weeks ago is making me a more confident person every day. Although I’m extremely happy with how my nose looks now, it’s a satisfying feeling knowing you still have your best results to look forward too. Being patient with your nose healing time is key in the first 12 months. I’ve had such a positive experience of my rhinoplasty procedure and recovery that I’ve learned to enjoy the healing process journey. 6 If you are considering rhinoplasty or are in your recovery process I wish you all the luck, remember to trust the process and enjoy the journey. Read my full blog here. Claire xx